A Summary Of A Person’s Travel Experience And Travel Precautions

Traveling is a pleasant thing, it allows us to relax and be happy. However, if we do not make adequate preparations in advance, we will encounter a lot of troubles during the trip. The following editor will share some things to pay attention to when traveling.


First of all, we must know the best travel time of the destination in advance, and the travel strategy of the scenic spots. Many places are seasonal, especially some natural scenery. If we do not choose the right season, not only will we not see the most beautiful scenery, but we will also encounter a lot of hemp. Know the local climate and temperature before you travel. Especially when climbing mountains, if the climate is not well chosen, the chance of encountering beautiful scenery will be greatly reduced.

When traveling, try to choose sunny and cloudy days, and try to avoid rainy days. It can keep warm on sunny days and can quickly dry towels and clothes. Rainy days will cause a lot of inconvenience, and you may not see the beautiful scenery. Booling.com discount code NHS

When choosing a hotel, if there is a hotel near the ticket office of the scenic spot, it is recommended to choose there; if not, choose a convenient place next to the station, so that it is convenient to go anywhere. When choosing a hotel, try to choose a hotel with a high rating, hot water, air conditioning, WiFi, and a good environment. Don’t just look at the price. Cheap hostels are not only bad, but also unsafe.

The travel agency cannot refund after booking online, so don’t book blindly. We must first understand the situation of the hostel, geographical location, and traffic problems. You can call the landlord first and ask if there are any vacancies. It is best to pay the landlord directly after arriving at the hostel to avoid unnecessary check-out trouble. tui discount code

You must choose the ticket office at the front entrance to buy tickets. If you are a student, there are discounts on student tickets, and you will not be scammed. Travel insurance is also attached. When buying a ticket, go to the ticket gate to prevent being pitted.

Pay attention to your diet when traveling. You can carry snacks such as snickers and chocolates with you to replenish energy at any time. Water must be prepared at all times. To buy things, choose a large supermarket, and small places like tourists. When traveling to eat, you can choose the local snack street, where you can taste local specialties and buy affordable food. Try to eat three meals a day to add strength. Booking.com promo code 10 Off 

Pay attention to rest when traveling, go to bed early and get up early, and avoid staying up late. Only in this way can you be more energetic when traveling during the day. When playing, try to choose the daytime and start as early as possible. One is to avoid insufficient play time, and the other is to avoid too many people at noon. Of course, except for the night view and the sunrise

When traveling, be aware of fraud prevention at all times, and pay attention to those who sell you things or discount tickets. On the surface, they are trying to save you money, but they are actually trying to defraud you. When you travel, you should carry cash with you, and prepare some change for the bus. The whole money and the change should be packed separately. When you arrive at the hotel, you must charge your mobile phone, power bank, and camera in time. It is very troublesome for the cell phone to run out of electricity and to have no change or cash.

Always pay attention to the safety of personal and property when you are traveling. Check your luggage carefully when you leave the hotel to avoid things being forgotten. Check your valuables first, and don’t cause unnecessary troubles because your valuables are left behind.

When traveling, try to save traffic time, with the principle of saving money and fast traffic. We don’t want to waste precious time in the car.