How Yoga Exercise Can Boost the Immune System?

For keeping negative energy and stress outside of your body, yoga is the best practice to attain the relaxation and health of both, mind and the body. Yoga exercise is really effective to boost your immune system too. It makes the body and mind free of tension, reliefs the stress and it is proven as one of the best practices for mental wellness. If you practice yoga regularly, it helps in reducing stress from the body in a systematic way.

Our blood needs oxygen for keeping a healthy body and cell growth. For new circulation of blood by boosting the oxygen, intentional breath-work plays a magical role. Poses of yoga make it easy to process this circulation of blood in our body system. This way, yoga exercise can boost immune system in a healthy and natural way. By doing yoga on a regular basis, we can have the power of fighting against sickness in our body by strengthening it through the movement linked with our breath that is the main practice of yoga. Yoga helps us in having different benefits including relief from stress and strength of muscles and joints.


Yoga helps to lower the stress of nervous system and make it calm. It also enables the whole body to be relaxed. When the nervous system is calm, it tells the immune system of the body to stop the attacks foreign viruses or germs that are cleaned out naturally (it can be done by sneezing daily either once or twice). When the body makes immune system steady, symptoms of inflammation and mucus vanish. Yoga proves one of the best ways to boost immune system.

Muscle and Joints:

Yoga exercise helps in strengthening and relaxing muscle and joints through different poses. When you are in Yoga class, focus on those particular exercises and postures that open your chest by breathing deeply. Different postures are useful for muscles and joints, for example cobra, camel and bow. With energized immune system by focus and determination to make yourself relaxed and calm, you can find the resistance against common sickness and infections that you can face in your daily life.

Different yoga exercises (poses) are beneficial for the body to boost immune system, nervous system and different strengths. Here we will look at some fruitful yoga poses to get most of the benefits for a calm, composed and relaxed body.

Vrikshasana (Tree Pose):
Our hectic and daily schedule leaves us with a sense of tiredness and chaos in our life. Vrikshasana can boost immune system in one of the most relaxing and beneficial ways by achieving the state of balance in our immune system. It makes your body feel the sense of ultimate relaxation and peace with its significant steps and breathing position. 

Follow these steps for having the best experience of getting relaxation through yoga exercise and to boost immune system in this Vrikshasana pose.

How to Do Vrikshasana?

  • Find out a peaceful corner at your place to perform yoga exercise without any disturbance. 
  • Stand straight there and place your body in a position in which you will place your arms at the side of your body.
  • After placing your arms at the side of the body, bend your right knee and then rise your right leg. After that, you need to place it on the central thigh of your left leg (be patient and composed while doing it).
  • In the next step, you will raise your arms over your head.
  • While your arms are over your head, keep your back straight. During this, you will hold it for a few breaths.
  • Now exhale the breath and return to the initial position of your body.
  • You will now repeat the process with your leg.

Tadasana (Mountain Pose):

Told by a dissertation help firm, this pose is well-known for the nervous system. It also helps to boost immune system though effective yoga exercise. For getting the flexibility of joints and thighs, this Tadasana posture will help you a lot. It also helps in toning your body muscles and abdomen. Another important factor about Tadasana is that it also increases the height (in formative years) if it is to be practiced on a regular basis.

How to Do Tadasana?

  • With feet, stand yourself straight and also keep your back straight for the right direction.
  • After straightening yourself, interlock your palms by bring them together.
  • Stretch your arms up with the palm facing down and inhale.
  • Look up in this posture and drop the head back on to the shoulders gently.
  • Hold for approximately 5-10 seconds and repeat in 1-2 times.

Anjaneyasana (Low Lunge Pose):

This yoga pose helps in immunity and it helps both, your body and your mind. It is one of the best yoga poses to boost immune system that works on joints as well as on muscles at the same time. This yoga exercise helps to improve balance in your body and it has good and healthy effects on your knees. This yoga is frequently used for getting your body relief from tensions in joints.

How to Do Anjaneyasana?

  • First of all, stand straight. Now place your left leg back.
  • Drop your knees while extending your toes out.
  • Make an alignment between your right knee and your right ankle.
  • Now push your pelvis down.
  • Raise your arms overhead in a calm position.
  • Ben your upper body backward. While doing it, try forming an arch.

Yoga is a natural and one if the most effective ways to get your mind and body relaxed at the same time. You should spare a few minutes in your daily routine to get your body feel ultimate sense of calmness and your nervous system a relaxing time that it deserves in a day to day hectic routine. After practicing yoga exercise a few times, you can make your body aligned in a calm posture, and your immune system gets the strength that it needs. A strong immune system not only protects your body from various diseases, but it is also helpful to stay mentally healthy. A strong immune system is related to stress deduction and relaxation. Remember, you need to boost your immune system in any way because it is the defense mechanism of your body that fights against viruses and infections. To boost immune system, yoga is preferred by most of the experts.

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