What led to the majority of the men becoming depressed?

Well, we are in the 21st century and that is the reason why we can talk so freely about depression, anxiety, and other psychological defects. 

In earlier times talking about such mental disorders would invite series of laughter from friends, relatives, and family members. They thought it to be nonsense stuff and disorder can only be physical.

But slowly people got educated the awareness about mental health increases. People started visiting psychiatrists for various mental issues and got cured. But it seems that men are still in the hangover of the previous generation and contain that same outdated mentality towards mental diseases.

Currently out of every 5 men, 2 of them are suffering from chronic mental diseases. In the case of women, the condition is not so severe. The awareness is much more in women and they have a much broader mentality as compared to men.

Reasons for decline in mental health in men

Attitude of ignorance

If you gather a group consisting of 10 to 20 men and ask a basic question, “What does a healthy man mean to them?” Most of them would reply that building six-pack abs and having a muscular body means healthy.

Very few of them would consider mental health as an essential part to remain healthy. This is what is known as an attitude of ignorance. Such people are the first ones to get diagnosed with depression and anxiety. And due to a lack of attention towards mental health, they end up living a dreadful life in asylums. At powpills you can get men’s health care information.

And another attribute of men that take end up degrading their own life is ego. Ego is something that is an attribute common to both men and women. But they are more intellectual emotionally and do not get carried away like men.

Men make promises when they are extremely happy or extremely sad but when the reality sets in, they would find it difficult to live up to the expectations which they promised. Along with it, it is the men that have resulted in backward social rituals to be practised such as caste system, suppression of women, etc. 

They are the ones that have not allowed women to get educated in history and they waged wars, not the women. So, this sense of hierarchy when gets broken down due to some member of the family they feel insecure and do violent stuff. 

For example, when a study was done in detail on what leads to the farmer’s suicide it was found that more than a financial crisis it was also an ego problem. When the wives of dead farmers were interviewed, they replied that they were ready to work outside to support the family but were refused by their husbands.

If they would have been allowed to work, they would have contributed to running the family. But the ego of the farmers came in the way as women working outside the home is taboo for men. They consider themselves head of the family and they would earn in the whole family and not others.

And when the loans get accumulated but the crops are destroyed due to floods or drought, they have no option but to end their life. If they would have discussed the matter with their family, some solution must have come out.

Lack of adaptation to circumstances

When someone is diagnosed with depression or anxiety the psychiatrists ask the person to make some changes to his daily life in combination with eating pills. 

Treating mental disorders is not an easy task. In physical injuries, a part of your body is affected, either in pain or recovery from surgery. You need not worry about other parts of the body. Take the pills according to the prescriptions and within few weeks you would come back to normal.

But in case of recovery from mental ailments, we have to deal with great care. You cannot overdo some things. Along with eating pills, your lifestyle needs to be corrected to make a lasting impact on the drug.

Depression patients are mostly asked to socialize with their old friends, visit new places, eat healthy food and get rid of addictions like smoking, consumption of alcohol, recreational use of drugs. But it has been seen that men are more reluctant to do the same mistake again and again.

They still drink alcohol and eat high-calorie food that decreases the impact of the drug and you take more time to get rid of the ailment.

Whereas women were seen to be more flexible with the diet, once on getting request from the doctor to change to healthy means of eating they quickly do so. There are more women consumers of high fibre foods than men.

And the current lockdown has worsened the situation. Men are now indulged in their laptops all the time working day and night. Earlier they used to get adequate sleep as after working they returned to their home to relax and relish some quality time with family.

But nowadays even that is not possible, people are losing jobs everywhere and no one wants to lose their one’s at any cost. Some of them had their EMI’s for home, car, or land which they need to pay. 

All this amidst such dreadful situations takes a toll on the brain and being the sole earning member of the family one can imagine the mental situations.

What can be done to make lives easier?

No matter whatever the problem is, how tricky it is, there is a solution for it. For mental problems too we have some solutions.

Get rid of addictions

This is one of the most important steps that need to be taken. Getting rid of addictions solves half of the problems in a single go.

Smoking and alcohol have alone made people’s life miserable. To find solace from the daily living conditions they drink. Slowly this becomes a habit and messes up their work life, love life, and family life. 

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Yoga and meditation

Make time out of your busy schedule for yoga and meditation for a minimum of 1 hour. It reduces the stress levels and it can lower the recovery period of your aliment if done regularly.