Uber Clone New Features, Process & Tips To Develop Profitable Taxi Booking App

Uber is a successful business model that has made its mark globally. Countries across the globe are imitating the business model to launch their own taxi business online. 

When we look back ten years when the smartphone wasn’t this intuitive, and on-demand taxi booking wasn’t trending we didn’t think of Uber making success. What to say more, it is a great on-demand app platform that is providing work opportunities to the local communities. Thus, helping in aiding the economy. 

Like the idea of starting your business? Why not create Uber Clone Taxi App.? Do not get intimated. The blog will provide you with all the detailed insights into the process, tips, and features. 

Step by Step Process of Building Uber Clone Taxi App 

Find here the steps involved to develop a feature-enriched Uber Clone Taxi application. Like we all know that the competition is getting stiff, so to create an exceptional taxi booking app like Uber one has to have out-of-the-box features, one has to create a taxi booking app to stand out of the cut-throat competition.

Do thorough market research

Do detailed research before launching your Uber Clone App in the market. Study your competitors, how are they operating in the market, and what makes their app so popular. Figure out where they are lacking, the loopholes to eliminate the same while building the app.

Customized features and functionalities 

To have a unique taxi booking app, you must have a different set of features and a technology stack. This will help you stand ahead in the competition. Build your Uber Taxi Clone App on the latest technology platform. Make sure that the interface is user-friendly and features user-centric. 

Build An Application

The prominent step now includes is developing a taxi booking application like Uber. It requires several testing and trials to ensure that the app is functioning seamlessly. 

Launch In The Market

Last but not the least, the important phase launching of the app in the Play Store/App Store. Your app is all set to hit the market however, it is always advisable to you have your marketing strategies in line. 

If we see Uber we can see how effective and attractive their marketing strategies are. Regardless of having several similar competitors, Uber stands ahead. The brand is continuously upgrading it with newness, for customers to find the app engaging. 

Tips To Keep Your Uber Clone Taxi Booking App Ahead 

To compete and stay ahead in this cut-throat competition, apart from robust app technologies and intuitive features are not enough. You’re Uber Clone App along with the customized features it requires tips to get ahead. 

  • Unique design and layout are the vital elements that attract your users. Do not imitate the exact designs and themes; rather be unique to highlight your brand through the app. 
  • Offer discounts/ Happy hour riding deals to your customers so that you stay glued to your app.
  • Integrating your app with user-centric features like Shop/Stop/Eat while riding, Gender preferences, Book now ride later, Child seat facility, Car-pooling, Corporate rides can be highly beneficial in pulling the crowd towards your app. 
  • Giving insurance coverage to the Uber Drivers and emergency buttons option to the users for their safety. 
  • Integrating COVID19 safety features so that your users and drivers both feel that you care for them, ensuring safe rides. 

Uber Clone App New Features to Employ

  1. Restricted passenger limits – It allows drivers to restrict the passenger limit as per the latest COVID19 rules.
  2. Ride cancellation – Both rider and driver can cancel the ride if either of them is not following the safety protocols.
  3. Face mask verification – The driver uploads the selfie into the app ensuring that they are following safety protocols.
  4. Safety ratings and reviews – The app asks the user to provide safety ratings and reviews once the trip has ended. This is to know if the drivers were following safety measures.
  5. Taxi fare calculation -2 models – There are 2 calculation methods available.
  6. The ride has to pay as per the estimated fare
  7. The fare is calculated based on the road traveled by the rider
  8. Safety checklist – The checklist appears on the screen instructing about the safety measures to follow while riding the cab.
  9. OTP verification – The driver will ask for the OTP confirmation before starting the ride.

Hiring an App Development Company

If you are looking for Uber Clone Script Free Download, you are wasting your time. Those scripts are fake ones and never work.

Instead, hire a reliable white-label app development company in India to provide you with an intuitive Uber Clone App. We are living in a digital world. Thus to become successful and sustain in the market, it is important to have all the right elements in your taxi booking app. 

Integrating it with the right technology, and customized features, along with smart marketing strategies will enable your taxi booking business to expand like anything. 

Author Bio:

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.