8 Recommended Gaming Laptop with Maximum Performance

As we know, every new laptop or computer product is designed with various specifications as its advantages. If it is used to play games, of course you must choose a laptop brand or product that has specifications such as a large capacity battery, large RAM, full HD resolution, a typical gamer’s laptop design and so on.

You can still get a capable Gaming Laptop for the purposes of playing games with the best performance and lowest prices. 8 million laptops alone can support various kinds of heavy work with unquestionable specifications. Want to buy the latest gaming laptop under 8 million? Let’s look at the list of recommended gaming laptops below that can be your choice.


From Asus laptops, you can find the latest gaming laptop products under 8 million with the name Asus Expert Book that can meet your needs. Generally, gamers might recommend ROG, which is an Asus laptop brand designed specifically for gaming. However, to get it you need to pay a high price.

Even though the Asus Expert Book series with a price below 8 million is qualified as a comfortable and exciting gaming laptop. Not only in terms of quality when playing games, the added value of this laptop is in terms of its dynamic and elegant appearance with the completeness of a thin screen bezel. This display is supported by a 14-inch display size with HD resolution.

For the cover, it uses solid material. Therefore, one of the advantages is being able to hold screen components even sensitive parts can remain safe. Well, this Asus Expert Book uses a tenth generation Intel Core i5 CPU with 4 GB RAM. As for the storage section, using an SSD with a capacity of up to 156 GB.

Some of the features found in the Asus Expert Book to support your daily activities are battery, wireless, Bluetooth, audio jack, USB port, SD Card and so on. 


Next up is the Acer Aspire 5, which is a middle-class laptop product with high specifications and completeness. At first glance, if you look at the exterior design, it will look elegant and dynamic because it is covered with a solid material. Interestingly, for those of you who like luxurious memorable laptops at affordable prices, this laptop is a great choice.

For complete specifications, the Acer Aspire 5 consists of two CPU options, namely the Intel i5 and AMD Ryzen. These two CPUs have the same capacity even though they are different vendors. Then the RAM is to use 8 gbs which is supported by a capacity of 256 to 512GB. There is even a larger version, namely the 1 TB capacity version.

Not only that, there are also regular and support features including wireless, audio jack, USB port, Bluetooth, and others. As for the display part, this laptop product uses a screen with a size of 15.6 inches and FHD resolution.

3.LENOVO Idea pad 3

Lenovo is back with its newest product in 2021 with high specifications but is priced at an affordable price. This product is the Lenovo Idea pad 3 which carries the latest model. From the outward appearance design, it is supported by a larger display size which is around 15.6 inches and a thin bezel at the edges. Interestingly, it is equipped with FHD resolution making it capable of displaying excellent graphics.

With affordable price, you can already get a Lenovo Idea pad 3 laptop with complete features like the latest generation Intel processor, the Core i5. For internal storage, it has a capacity of 256 GB and is supported by an additional 8 GB of RAM.

In general, the Lenovo Idea pad 3 laptop is designed for the needs of running fairly heavy software such as playing games.

4. LENOVO Flex 3

Still discussing products from Lenovo, this time we will discuss Lenovo Flex 3 which is one of the flagship products from Lenovo which is priced under 8 million. This company has indeed reached out to gamers and professionals with affordable laptops. Even so, the Lenovo Flex 3 specifications can indeed be relied on for tough work.

This laptop is supported by an AMD Ryzen 3 CPU and a GPU derived from the Radeon Vega 5. What is more interesting is the 4GB RAM size which is enlarged up to 8 to 16GB. As for the internal storage itself, it is supported by an SSD consisting of 128 GB to 512 GB. You can also feel clear graphics when playing games and watching videos

5. HP 14

If you’re a fan of HP products, HP 14 is a recommended quality gaming laptop for you. This gaming laptop under the price of 8 million is one that consists of several variations. What distinguishes the HP 14 product from other products is the Intel Core i5 and the Radeon GPU it uses. A lower version and the same design are also available.

The specifications of the HP 14 cover some interesting features ranging from wireless and Bluetooth which help to connect or connect. There is also an audio jack, USB port, HDMI and RAM which reaches capacities of 4 GB and 8 GB. Well, for internal storage, HP 14 still uses 1 TB of HDD. 

6.DELL Latitude 3410

Next that is no less sophisticated than a quality gaming laptop under the price of 8 million is the Dell Latitude 3410 laptop. In fact, because of the very qualified specifications, this laptop can also be used for business purposes. Plus, it looks elegant and light.

You can run various heavyweight programs on the Dell Latitude 3410 such as video editing and graphic design. If the program is fine, how about playing games right? For gamers, you can choose the Dell Latitude 3410 as the cheapest gaming laptop as the right choice.

Dell Latitude 3410 has a display size of 14 inches and HD resolution. The processor used is the latest generation of Intel Core i5 which is certainly faster and more sophisticated. What about RAM and internal storage? Dell Latitude 3410 has a capacity of 4 GB and 1 TB. Another advantage that is quite interesting is the ability to charge the battery quickly.

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Bottom Line

Since laptops with qualified specifications have become a necessity in everyday life, various well-known brands such as Acer, Lenovo, Asus, HP, Dell laptops also fulfill your needs by quality laptops but affordable prices.

You don’t need to hesitate regarding the performance given because the ability to run any game-level software that is easy is guaranteed. Even so, you can choose a gaming laptop that suits your preferences and needs so that its use will be maximized in everyday life. 

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