How Corporate Secretary Helps with AGM

Singapore implements a relatively convenient and easy set of policies and regulations for business transactions. That is why it is one of the most favorite locations of business owners to set up or expand operations in. There many things that a company must do before and after the company incorporation Singapore procedure. These are things that a company must comply with to be able to fully and legally operate in Singapore. 

One of the things that a Singapore company must comply with is hiring a corporate secretary Singapore staff. Employing a corporate secretary Singapore staff is legally mandated when you want to incorporate your business in Singapore. A corporate secretary Singapore employee fulfils a lot of rules and different tasks in a company. One of the most important roles of a secretary is making sure that the annual general meeting of companies takes place.

The annual general meeting is where director’s shareholders and other relevant employees of a company meet and talk about the important matters and the company. The Singaporean government also legally mandates all companies operating within its territory to hold the general annual meeting after the company incorporation Singapore procedure. A company secretary plays an important role in the company incorporation Singapore procedure and setting up the annual general meeting. If you want to know more, here are the roles of a corporate secretary Singapore employee when it comes to the annual general meeting.

Finalization of agenda

The general annual meeting is where all important matters when it comes to business operations will be tackled. That is why it is important to the agenda and purpose of this meeting is laid out properly. This is also to make sure that the important employees in the company wouldn’t waste their time if this meeting is unorganized.

A corporate secretary Singapore staff is the one responsible for making sure that all things that must be tackled in this meeting are in place and arranged accordingly. One example of an agenda is marketing strategies that are currently being implemented in the company. This kind of business matters can either be improved or replaced during this meeting depending on its effectiveness.

Document preparation

Once the agenda is finalized for the annual general meeting, the documents needed for these agendas to be tackled should also be prepared by the corporate secretary Singapore employee. These documents are important so that numbers and other important figures related to the company operations can be discussed properly. The documents during the company incorporation Singapore process are also important so that a company will know where to go from there. These documents will help the attendees make smart decisions about the company’s future.

Taking down notes

During the meeting itself, a corporate secretary is also tasked to write the minutes. This process is taking note of the important things that have been talked about by the relevant personnel of the company. The minutes should give an overview of what has transpired in the meeting. This includes issues, problems, proposed solutions, and things that have been agreed upon by attendees of the meeting. 

This document is reviewed after the annual general meeting to make sure that all relevant information has been recorded. This document can also be used for legal purposes whenever needed in the future. 

Submission of documents

In addition, to all the points mentioned above, the corporate secretary is also responsible for submitting the document after the meeting. Singapore requires companies to submit legal documents such as the annual return reports and other documents needed. The corporate secretary Singapore employee can notify ACRA that they will be complying with the requirements by submitting a copy of the required documents. 

In this process, it is the company secretary who is required to double-check and make sure that all documents are true and legitimate. These kinds of important documents are thoroughly reviewed before submission. This way the company can avoid future complications and problems that may arise from submitting legal paper works that have mistaken on it.


Aside from the company incorporation Singapore process, there many other vital roles that a company secretary fulfils in a company. That is why it is important that you are hiring accounting companies in Singapore that are competent and experienced enough for these kinds of roles. 

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