How SEO Works Step By Step?

How SEO works step by step? An SEO plan (also called search engine marketing plan or search engine optimisation plan) is the method of setting up a strategic campaign that aims to improve website visibility in Google’s SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). That’s why it is also known as Search Engine Marketing or SEM. An SEO plan focuses on the development of a long-term strategy that can give your site a high page ranking. So, how does an SEO plan work?

SEO begins by defining your target market. Your plan will be different depending on your target market but most people define it as visitors who are searching for information related to the keywords that comprise your website. Your first step is to identify what keywords you are going to target.

The second step is to find a high traffic website that contains at least one keyword that is relevant to your business. You do this by joining the first page of Google’s SERP. Once you’re on the first page you have two options. You can either submit a competing article or post a link to create something new. If you choose the latter, then create something useful and competitive.

Now you should write an article about the keyword that you found on the first page. For example, if your target keyword is ‘appliance repair’, you should write an article about ‘how to replace a fuse’. If you already have content related to this keyword on your blog, then the Google spiders will pick it up from your blog post. It doesn’t matter if the content on your blog post is duplicated because the Googlebot will consider both of them as unique.

The third step is to find other articles with the same target keyword that are ranking well for the same search term. You want to check out both the first page and the second page of the SERP. In the first page you will see the top ten sites listed alphabetically. If you have any content on your blog that is ranked highly then you should include it in your list post. The reason for doing this is so you can build backlinks to your website.

Once you have created a few single posts with relevant content on your site and written several articles with each keyword in your own voice search for directories. You want to submit your content to all of the top directories. This will increase your link popularity and give you even more authority in your niche.

When you have found some good directories to submit to you need to ensure that they have good ranking pages. You can do this by searching for the directory in the Google Toolbar or in the Google page results. On the first page you will see the Page Rank. You can increase your PR by increasing your link popularity. So, when someone searches for your target keyword in Google using your voice search feature you should have an option where you can put in your links.

You are now at the third step. To create something of value with your article you should create a list post. This is similar to what we did before except this time we are creating something that the Google search bots will find relevant. The first page results will appear with the anchor text links that we placed within our first paragraph. These anchor texts are our backlinks.

If you have created something worthy of writing about, but your content is still relevant and on topic you will then want to build links. At this point we are using our linking strategy from our first post. We linked to our post and mentioned our directory in our comment. You can do the same thing with any single post.

Now we are at the fourth step, which is to take our single post and create screenshots of it. I encourage you to download your own screenshots to use to build links with. However, Google won’t be so generous with your screenshots if you are posting them to their blog. Uploading your screenshots to their blog will get you seen by them as an authority so this is beneficial to you in your SEO strategy. Uploading your screenshots to your own website is not allowed though so I suggest that you only upload screenshots to sites where you can be sure you own the rights to them.

I hope you have found this article useful. The last part of this series will go into the final benefit of the skyscraper technique, but for now I hope that you have learned a little bit more about how SEO works. SEO is still used today but with so many ways to market and create backlinks, some SEO strategies may no longer be necessary. If you would like to promote your blog, website or product you should stick with the basics and remember to always document everything you do.