Social Media Applications Are One-Stop Destination

Have you ever asked your parents how did they spend their time when they were at your age? If your parents are from the 50s era, they will tell you that mobile phones and computers were not there. Even if these things were available, not many could afford to buy them. Then how did they spend their time? You might get different answers to the questions. Some might say that they spent their time reading books at the library while many would say that they used to hang around and play with their friends on farms or villages. 

But, did you ever think that these things are possible today? Obviously, no one stops you from going to the library or playing with your friend in villages. The point is do you really want to experience these things at this time? While most of you would smile and say yes, the reality is known to all. Mobile phones, tablets, and computers have not taken over things that our parents used to do to spend their leisure time. 

This is where Social Media application becomes the topic of the day. Who would have ever thought that one day would come when we will have everything on our fingertips? Even before social media applications, mobile phones and computers already entered the market. However, their use was limited to calling and sending messages. 

However, with advancement in technology and innovation, Social Media applications were introduced. That is the reason I term these applications as the best creation of technology so far. Can you name a thing that you cannot do on these social media applications? If you have used Social Media applications like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Connected India, and others, you must have noticed that these applications enjoy millions of users daily. This is the reason why these applications are always a hot topic. 

Now going back to our title, let me explain to you how these Social Media applications have become one stop destination for all the things that you might have ever thought of. It is obvious that all of these things are virtual and cannot be done physically, however the mental satisfaction they give is beyond anything. 

Travelling: How many of you have ambitions to travel to a different country someday? I guess all of you. But most of us either do not get enough time from our busy schedule or we are short of monetary resources. In that case, Social Media applications always come at your rescue. Using these applications you can search for any location. It could be a city, town, country, or even a long lost village. These applications would take you to those places virtually. What is even more interesting is that people these days make “vlogs” by visiting such places. If you happen to find such a vlog, it would give you all the vibes that you would have got by visiting that place physically. 

Library: As mentioned above, it is not possible for everyone to visit the library these days. While most of us want to, we have to sacrifice our interest. It is because either we are too engrossed in our mobile phones or we are introverted. However, Social Media applications have solutions for these things as well. Many social media applications offer a digital library. Once you take a membership of these libraries, you get unlimited access to read books, novels, poems, magazines, etc., of your choice without any disturbance. Unlike Libraries, no one would disturb you and all the books will be available 24*7.

Messages: Remember those days when we used to recharge our mobile phones with a message card? It seems like eternity to me since the last time I have used a message card. But what is the reason behind that? It is none other than social media applications. These applications not just allow you to send texts to your friends living in different countries, but also allow you to send those emojis and funny GIFs that add up fun to the conversation. 

Face Time: Just like Social Media applications are the best creation of technology, similarly Face Time is the best thing that comes with these applications.  During the 80s and 90s, it was impossible for people to even think of communicating with their family members or friends living in different countries. But with social media applications, all these things became possible. Nowadays, you can easily video call your family or friends and chat with them by looking at their face in real time. Isn’t it amazing?

Counseling: A person might require counseling on different issues. It could be medical advice or choosing the best career option. Earlier, we had to book appointments with the counselors over a call or by visiting their offices. The situation has changed now. Nowadays if you want to book an appointment for counseling on any matter, all you have to do is search for the counselor on these applications and text him for the appointment. It helps students during their school days. Not just students, it also helps individuals who want to seek counseling on different areas including personal hygiene, fitness, life problems, etc. 

Business Platform: Another amazing feature of Social Media applications is that they allow companies to connect with their potential customers easily. As mentioned above, millions of users visit these applications daily. Hence all these social media applications offer an amazing platform for the companies to promote their products and services at a large scale. It not just helps them to reach millions of potential customers, but it also helps the customers to select among the best companies selling similar kinds of products and services. 

After reading these points you must have understood how social media applications have become a one-stop destination for everything you want to do. Not to mention, many social media applications also allow users to play games with friends. These are the reasons why social media applications have become so popular and enjoy such a vast number of users daily. 

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