A Bunch Of The Best Remote Learning Tools & Resources

The advent of remote learning changed the world of education. Distance learning is helping to spread education and knowledge beyond all boundaries of space & time and enabling millions of disadvantaged individuals to exercise their fundamental right to education substantially. Technological advancements and widespread tech proliferation have been central to the rapid rise and successful implementation of remote learning worldwide. We now have online academic writing services offering university-level do my homework  to students worldwide in an instant and MOOC platforms extending the reach of the world’s renowned institutions to one & all.

Today, remote learning is considered a primary counterpart of conventional or classroom teaching, with numerous resource available for learners & educators.

Whether a student, a professional or a proprietor of an educational business, no one can afford to ignore the immense benefits and nigh-immeasurable impact of remote learning. This little article takes a look at some of those amazing remote learning tools & resources of today.

Great Remote Learning Resources For 2021

Remote learning tools, applications and platforms boast some unique features and offer several major, tangible benefits to educators, learners and business owners in the industry.

The most extensive advantageous features of remote learning include:

  • Instant Accessibility, 
  • Constant Availability, 
  • Engaging Content,
  • Data Analysis Support, 
  • Personalized Assistance,
  • Tailor-Made Courses For All,
  • Content Delivery & Learning Management Systems 
  • Self-Paced Learning, 
  • Easy Integration & Dynamic, Responsive Designs, 
  • Affordable Prices

The following remote learning resources offer a combination of the benefits mentioned above. 


Here’s a highly effective messaging platform for students, teachers and parents. It boasts of excellent & responsive design and offers a handy instant messaging tool connecting home & schools. 


Screencast-O-Matic offers many tools for creating video lessons, screen capture and highly-quality screencasting at economical prices.  Useful for blended learning, creating interactive lessons, student assignments, coaching, demonstration and more, this is an excellent tool for effective remote learning.


This is an excellent resource for creating engaging, educative content from any video. Tutors and teachers can create interactive video lessons for their wards, deliver curated video content and also keep track of their activity & performance concerning a particular video lesson. 

Educators can use videos from different online platforms & sources or even create one for lessons. Edpuzzle is easily accessible on any device and a highly affordable remote learning tool.


Seesaw offers a bundle of remote learning resources for teachers, students and professionals for successful remote & home learning. Used by over 75% of schools in the US, the platform offers remote learning lessons, evaluative frameworks, learning apps, training & professional courses and much more.


A content management and delivery system, Blackboard uses advanced machine learning algorithms to help course instructors increase content accessibility and delivery. The remote learning tool automatically converts different kinds of course files into a wide variety of alternative formats. It allows educators to assign & monitor the accessibility and activity of each content.


Here’s a platform that offers courses, professional certificate and micro-bachelor’s & master’s courses certified by the most prominent universities worldwide. edX aims to fulfil all such wishes by offering authentic courses, programs and professional certificates conducted by instructors of world-renowned universities such as MIT, Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Oxford, etc., 

edX has partnered with reputed institutions, and professors & lecturers conduct each & every one of those courses. A plethora of courses offered is self-paced, completely online and available at no price at all. Computer programming, data science, computer science, engineering, marketing, digital commerce, etc. — numerous courses of various difficulty levels are available for free for almost every subject under the Sun.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a leading education tech company that is garnering widespread praise due to the sheer quality & volume of free remote learning resources it offers. It is a not-for-profit organization that provides free, world class educational resources online, accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Khan Academy provides personalized & self-paced courses for different academic levels. All content is expert-crafted and follows the current standards & curriculums followed globally. Furthermore, the platform also offers several tools and resource to help teachers & tutors identify & understand student performance.

Several free online courses on math, science, computing, arts & humanities, economics, and test preparations such as SAT, LSAT,paper checker etc., are available completely free of cost. 

Well, that’s all the space we have for today. Hope this guide helps students find the right tools to augment their remote learning experience and assists educators in dispensing holistic learning at any place, any time. 

All the best!

Author-Bio: Stewart Gordon is the principal of a major public school in Wisconsin, the USA. He has been teaching for more than 12 years now and is a writer emeritus at MyAssignmentHelp.com, a leading digital brand offering quality assignment & thesis help globally.