How to Build a Successful B2B On-demand Mobile App for Business?

Hi! Technology has condensed everything into mobile apps, thereby helping commoners and business persons to accomplish their needs easily. As smartphone usage keeps multiplying, mobile applications too have started augmenting. As per Google, there are four million mobile apps available, including Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

Out of these four million mobile apps, most of them would be B2C mobile apps. The number of B2B mobile apps is less. For your information, there are fewer B2B apps, which is a great opportunity for you to develop B2B mobile apps. This blog will be about the development of B2B mobile apps and how to market them.

Laying out the difference between B2B mobile apps and B2C mobile apps

B2C mobile apps are developed for end-users. All the apps we use in our daily lives, like e-commerce apps, social media apps, etc., are B2C apps. Whereas B2B apps are developed for businesses to manage their internal operations. For example, companies can go for apps for carrying out internal activities like hosting meetings, presentations, employee management, etc. That’s all about the difference between B2B and B2C applications.

How to develop a B2B mobile application?

Define your objectives

Before developing the B2B applications, you need to sit and analyze the objectives. Here, you need to examine whether your app will be necessary for businesses. If yes, then you must look through the type of app you need to create. As said before, there are multiple apps that companies or businesses use for internal activities. For example, applications for chatting, presentations, emails, recruitment, employee engagement, etc. So, you need to choose the type of app. 

Competitors and Unique selling points

No business is left without competition. So, once you define the objective of your business and choose a niche, you have to analyze the potential competitors in that niche. Know the complete ins and outs of the competitors’ apps and see how you can make your B2B app distinguishable. Here, unique selling points refer to the app’s features or your subscription plan that is distinct from that of your competitors. On the whole, you need to work on the competitor analysis and unique selling points.

App development

Now, you have reached the core of your business, where you will develop the mobile application. Firstly, you need to choose whether you are going to develop a single application or an aggregator app that can be used for different purposes like chatting, presentations, meeting, etc. If you are planning for an aggregator app development, then you have got a ready-made Gojek clone. Yes, the app is pre-built, which lets you launch your app in a short period. 

On the contrary, if you choose traditional app development, you have to spend more time and money as the app development will start from scratch. Hence, clone app development will be highly beneficial for you. 


Once you have developed your B2B app, it’s time to market the app among the audience. There are plenty of ways to market your B2B app, and we are just about to look at them in detail.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization is a process of boosting the app’s presence and making it easy for users. Oftentimes, people confuse ASO with SEO. Of course, both fall under the technique of optimization. But the difference is, SEO is employed for improving the ranking of websites in search engines, whereas ASO is used for improving the ranking of apps in the App Store.

Using App Store Optimization, you can increase the number of downloads. But how? In the App Store Optimization, the title, keywords, ratings/reviews, download stats, etc., are optimized in order to bring in users. Since the main goal is to increase the number of downloads, you need to work on the reviews given by the users. 

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is one of the proven marketing tools for tucking in success. Target the social media channels that your target audience is active. Display ads of your products that should contain reviews, screenshots, features, and working of the app. This will help businesses to quickly know about your app. Also, showcasing paid ads on multiple social media platforms will also boost the reach of your app among the users. But still, they are plenty of ways to bring in users through organic methods.

Email marketing

Again, email marketing helps you target your audience through segmentation. There are a bunch of different metrics employed in email marketing to help you find the preferences of your target users. After sending the emails, you can track every activity of the recipient. For example, the time they opened your email, whether they click on any links inside the email, or simply move the email to trash, etc. All these activities can be tracked, and from this information, you can easily know whether they are interested in your app/services or not.

Work on the user’s feedback

Optimizing your app doesn’t only stop with keyword or title optimization, but you must also look after the feedback your app has been receiving from users. Any business can grow and sustain if and only if it solves the users’ problems. Whenever the users post their queries, you must fix them and leave them a reply. Whenever we download an app, we look at the reviews, right? So, new users will always look at the reviews and decide whether to try out the app or not. So, optimizing the feedback is highly essential.

Influencer marketing

Another best way to market your app is through influencer marketing. You can partner with business influencers, strike a deal with them, and promote your app.

Final thoughts

The competition in the B2B mobile app marketplace is not intense when compared to the B2C mobile app marketplace. So, there is a huge opportunity in the B2B on-demand mobile app. As said in the above sections, more than app development, you need to work on marketing with which you can turn leads into users. 

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