What is a virtual Art exhibition? What are the types of exhibition?

Since the pandemic, the event industry has experienced a shift of trends and has inclined us more towards virtual events. As people had to abide by the social distancing rule and avoid physical contact, virtual events gained popularity. 

There are endless ways to conduct a virtual event. It could be a conference, trade show, meetings, art exhibitions, AGMs, seminars and so forth. You can host events as per your requirement. In this particular article, we will majorly be discussing Virtual exhibitions and Virtual art exhibitions to help you get started with the virtual journey. 

What are virtual exhibitions?

A virtual exhibition is essentially an exhibition that takes place on a virtual event platform and is broadcasted throughout the world via viable internet solutions. People from all around the world can seamlessly participate in the exhibition with just 3 basic requirements- Good internet connection, portable device, and a suitable space away from all the hindrances. A virtual exhibition facilitates individuals to browse around the platforms virtual booth and other exhibition halls and withhold the offerings provided by the exhibitors. 

What are virtual art exhibitions?

Generally speaking, virtual art exhibitions are events that showcase a series of multidimensional objects and provide valuable insights regarding the event. These 3D dimensions are displayed over attendees’ screens so that they could witness the art and its corresponding information. You can customise the entire look and feel of the exhibition as per your requirement. A virtual art exhibition offers leveraging tech tools that helps in showing the art piece in a more capturing and engaging way. The platform helps you to show off your latest paintings, models, and sculptures to wider audiences. 

The virtual art exhibition provides every participant to showcase their talents though it be artists who are willing to present their artwork to the audience or a painter displaying their unique paintings in a virtual environment thus recreating a traditional experience. 

Types of virtual exhibitions

There are multiple kinds of exhibitions that you can host over a virtual event platform. A virtual exhibition is used to spread awareness about an individual’s new products, artworks, antique items and so forth. There are infinite possibilities a virtual exhibition can offer, let us take a glance at some of them- 

Technology Exhibitions:

The shift towards the virtual platform in the event industry is due to technology itself. We currently live in a world where technology is seen advancing at a relatively fast pace while encouraging new innovations in the first place. However, there may be some attendees who may be unknown about your new inventions and technologies, so for them virtual technology exhibitions can play a critical role. A virtual tech exhibition facilitates many entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Inventors, and tech enthusiasts to come together in a single frame and present their inventions and technological advancements in front of the vast global audience. 

Due to the spontaneous nature of virtual events, it becomes easy to stay up-to-date by simply attending the latest virtual technological exhibitions. 

Theory and Philosophy Exhibitions: 

There are students, undergraduates, and postgraduates, who have put a lot of time and effort in formulating new theories and thesis in their respective fields, naturally they would want to share their perspective with the world and gain valuable inputs from experts and professors. They may do so by leveraging virtual thesis exhibitions, which are attended by experts, employers, researchers, and professors. Thus, the students can now display their thesis and engage with the attendees, in addition virtual exhibitions provide a great environment for interaction while simultaneously helping the students showcase their work in a calm and presentable manner. 

Healthcare Exhibition:

Healthcare exhibitions are popular for showcasing breakthroughs, programs, technology, and service providers. These exhibitions are a point of interest and thus manage to attain a large number of audiences  throughout the globe, businesses, and the general public. Due to the popularity of these events, it would be a tremendous help for healthcare facilities, healthcare institutions, businesses, and professionals by taking it online. Another advantage of virtual healthcare exhibitions is that some patients may not be able to travel and hence the only way to attend the exhibition is going virtual. 

Business fair exhibition 

Naturally, business exhibitions are related to products and services for the customers. However, virtual b2b exhibitions prove to be effective for brand awareness, networking, making brand new connections or partnerships, and offering exposure to your business. Additionally, virtual business exhibitions also help to bring several businesses together(provided they are of the same industry) and make productive changes and interchange unique ideas. Businesses can also present their latest innovations, technologies, and strategies related to their industries with the help of hosting a virtual exhibition. 

Over to you

Virtual exhibitions are generally exhibitions that take place on a virtual event platform and can be broadcasted all around the world. Virtual exhibitions can be used to showcase objects and information related to the topic, trend, motivation, or an idea. There are almost infinite types of virtual exhibitions which replicate various fields and scopes, ranging from technology to medicine. The virtual exhibition can be used to show off breakthroughs and inventions. The above-mentioned virtual exhibitions examples are some of the many types of virtual exhibitions. Since the exhibition takes place over the internet, the attendees don’t have to travel from place to another, or wait for their turn to interact with like-minded people, sponsors, exhibitors, or the host. They can simply get in touch with any one of them by simply scheduling a audio/video call or utilising the networking table feature wherein they can either join a group discussion or have a 1:1 personal discussion with people. 

On the other hand, hosts can obtain valuable insights related to the company visiting their exhibition, attendees’ personal details, product details and whatever else and develop friendly relationships with their participants. Besides that, a virtual art exhibition can offer artists to obtain recognition, meet new enthusiasts and even allow them to bid on their artworks. Hosting a virtual exhibition can be beneficial in the long run as such interactions may improve the end result. Plus, the amount of exposure you curate from a virtual exhibition is never ending!