How Can Sports Athletes Prevent Muscle Fatigue via Nutrition?

Muscle fatigue is a problem which occurs when a person is exhausted from a prolonged activity which can be because of working on muscles that are not exercised usually or playing on a sport and pressurizing the muscles a lot more. This can cause soreness or muscle cramps and twitching. Muscle fatigue can happen to people who are involved in sport or is a sports player. This is very common for them to feel exhausted on muscles and they experience this when they come back to training after a long period of time. A sports person’s body would have undergone a lot of stress of muscles which are most prone to muscle fatigues and injury in some cases. This requires special attention as they have to perform in tournaments and conditioning is very necessary for these players. Conditioning is a process where the muscles are cooled down after loosening the muscles to avoid any sort of injuries that can happen during strenuous training or workout. 

Nutrition plays an important part in every sports person game. Through nutrition we can always improve their performance and also to level up their game. As per the best nutritionist in Mumbai, nutrition is very necessary in everyday routine as it is the basic requirement in human beings. In any sport muscles are involved and a particular muscle is involved much more any other for example in tennis the hand grip and strength is very important for the shots. So sports person do experience muscle fatigue a lot. It is necessary to take care of these through nutrition by suggesting them the ways to avoid such pains. It is very important for sports person to follow a balanced diet which includes all the nutrients, both micronutrients and macro nutrients in the right proportion to avoid any deficiencies. So in this case the training schedule nutrition becomes very important to be perfect. Before training, the energy levels need to be at the peak by eating some kind of food which is rich in carbohydrates and moderate protein and fat. This will help tem sustain long training periods without feeling fatigue. If they do have breaks in between sessions also then we can provide them with easy carrying snacks rich in carbohydrates which will give them instant energy to perform further on. Also during workout hydration become really important as there is a lot of sweat which comes while training. So drinking water in sips is also necessary. Water also helps in reducing soreness and also to prevent any dehydration as most of the sports are played in the sun. Some sportsmen also can take supplements that provide instant energy to help them play. After training or workout protein is an essential part of the routine. When you play for long hours you experience some pain. So protein from foods helps in repairing the tissues which have experienced wear and tear of muscles. This heals tissues building up more muscle and making them stronger. Protein can be taken through food or also through the ingestion of supplements like protein powders. Making the right choices of food in all workout meals will help all sportsmen to avoid muscle fatigue. Micronutrients like calcium, iron also help in making the bones strong and help in circulation of blood providing other nutrients. Vegetarians and vegans also have  a lot of options for protein rich foods and need not compromise on nutrition for their protein requirements to strengthen their muscles for their game. Muscle fatigue can also be prevented through nutrition by having a proper routine of meals throughout the day. Drinking good amount of water, having balanced meals which provides all nutrients in good amounts and also keeping a good digestion of these nutrients will help. Sleep and rest are also very important as it relaxes the muscles and reduces pain. Hydration is very important as having a good amount of water will avoid muscle cramps and avoid fatigue in muscles. Before starting your training schedules also make sure that you are also doing your stretches to loosen up your muscles to prepare it for the intense training. Stretching or warming up loosens muscles and removes cramps which allow an athlete to perform with flexibility avoiding injuries. This will allow an athlete to train better and improve their performance. An athlete also has an off day on which there is minimal training and the body is not under too much stress. This is where nutrition will help in building the maximum muscle. There will be a reduction in calories but the main nutrients will still meet the requirements in right amounts and the meals will be balanced. Rest on this day is important as your muscles will relax and get prepared for the next training sessions. The muscle percentages in sports persons are usually more than any other person so even if they weigh more is because of their good muscle percentage. 

It is important that every athlete has a dietitian assigned to them so that the dietitian can plan special meals when the athletes need a different nutrition for the competition or tournaments. As the comfort of available food is limited a nutritionist or a dietitian can help the athlete by providing the nutrients that they require from the food options that are available and which will not harm their performance. In long games such as cricket or tennis matches it is very necessary that between breaks or sets they can have some light easy snack and water which will give them instant energy to perform and not feel fatigue or muscle cramps caused due to less water during the game. By this nutrition they can concentrate more on the game and not on the energy levels. Alternate options of food can also be suggested so that the athlete need not worry if the actual food is not available. This is how nutrition will help in preventing muscle fatigue for sports persons making them stronger and give their best performance.