11 Thrilling Treks in Kasol

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Kasol is an enduring favorite for those looking for peace and tranquillity, but this place is more than a sanctuary of avid trekkers offering amazing views away from the turmoil of your everyday life! So in Kasol, we have mapped the best places to go!

1. Tosh

Tosh is one of the most common treks near Kasol at an elevation of 7,874 ft. at the end of the Parvati Valley. The Tosh Trail goes up to the charming Pin Parvati Pass which offers you the opportunity to take two routes – the challenging yet adventurous Animal Pass or the other, easier route to the beautiful Tosh Glacier.

2. Malana

Approximately 22 kilometers from Kasol is Malana’s beautiful village, which is famous but has many more! You will enjoy the beauty from the trekking track here, be it snowy mountains or crystal clear seas, all is peaceful and the eyes are wretched!

3. Kheerganga

This 12 Km tour is so exhilarating and full of adventures that you will love your inner adrenaline junkie! The walk is long and tiring, but confide in us, it’s worth the destination! The best thing? Kheerganga’s hot water sources, renowned for the medicines and religious roots, make it worth it all. There are many walking routes here so schedule the one that best suits you!

4. Chalal

The lovely village of Call is just a 30-minute casual walk from Kasol. On your way there, you will be astonished by the lovely river stream and the magnificent mountains! This village looks like a film scene and is very quiet and peaceful. Go here to experience nature at its best with a guesthouse and plenty of food connections.

5. Sar Pass Trek

This trek through Sar’s frozen Sar Lake is a perfect starting tour for beginners and will put you in awe of all its beauty! It offers a perfect view of the snow-capped mountains at an altitude of 13,800 feet above Kasol. This trek is a paradise for backpackers and one of the most exciting trips to Kasol. Don’t skip it!

6. Rasol Pass To Kasol Trek

From Chalal the Rasol Pass Trek goes up the lush, green woods, stunning wetlands, and not to mention the lovely range *heart-eyes* of Pir Panjal. The hike usually goes from the Beas Valley for 3-4 hours and goes up through the Parvati Valley to Bhuntar and offers an enchanting view of the countryside.

7. Tirthan Valley Trek

The key feature of the trek is the way to the Tirthan village as you pass the valley – it is just incredible! This wondrous greenery of the river Tirthan leads you to the valley, making this trek ideal for nature enthusiasts!

8. Manikaran

The source water in Manikaran is rich in uranium and other radioactive elements which, among many other diseases, cure muscular pain and arthritis. The warm water spring here has become very popular as many people come from all over the world to the place with mythological tales contributing to the charm of this pilgrimage. PS – The water in the water is so hot that you can really boil rice, only by dipping it into the spring waters.

9. Tattapani

The natural water of Tattapani comes from the Satluj River and is rich in sulfur and more minerals, as one of the most famous hot springs of the Himachal. The water here is said to have medicinal properties, which can heal different conditions. This place is a popular destination for rafting white water every year and attracts loads of tourists!

10. Kasol Hot Water Spring

This hot water spring in Kasol is situated just a kilometer from Manikaran, opposite the village of Niketan. But this place is one of the most visited places in Kasol, but if you have not checked out this one yet, please put it on your route for your trip here! Here you will find the spring’s hot water temperature far lower than others in Himachal.

11. Spiti Valley

This hike is seen to cover some of the most pristine valleys of Kasol, including Kaza, Lalung, and Dhankar, and is considered to be one of the toughest hillsides in Kasol. This 65-hour journey is a challenge for the daily walkers, in addition to the picturesque view on the route, because it demands great courage.

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