Is The Montessori Education System Right for Your Child?

The decision to enrol our children into the best and the brightest of schools ensures that they grow and progress with lifelong acquired skills, development that enhances their creative thinking and lays a concrete foundation for our early learners. Montessori Education thrives on self-directed activity, hands on learning and collaborative play. The classrooms are beautifully crafted and designed to meet the needs of the children in a specific age range. An experiential type of learning is what Montessori education represents in essence which allows the child to learn from his/her own experiences and at his/her own pace. Fosters independence and confidence to become critical thinkers. This education system also supports socio-emotional skills and believes each individual is unique. So the benefits are plenty and multifold.

Here are the top Montessori schools in Noida you may find suitable for your wards:

1. Global Montessori Plus, GIIS Noida – 

The Global Montessori Plus programme’s value proposition lies in their customization of Maria Montessori’s world-renowned method of kindergarten teaching. GIIS Noida campus has garnered the top position in the Innovators Category in the prestigious Times School Survey 2020. This coveted recognition has been the result of the continued trust, effort, dedication and motivation from their students, parents, stakeholders and everyone who has been a part of the GIIS journey. GIIS is determined to spread quality education to its students. In the middle of the global pandemic, the school was swift to leverage its digital infrastructure to ensure a seamless transition of students from the school to virtual classrooms. The school had already built an extensive library of high-quality digital content, which enabled teachers to ensure uninterrupted learning from the very first day. There are many more things that contribute together making it the best school in Noida extension. It;s Global Montessori plus programme, stands on 5 pillars –

● Excelerate Programme- The emphasis lies in giving the students fluency in their language through speaking, reading and writing skills, as well as providing numeracy skills in maths in a fun, engaging and interesting way.

● Multi-faceted learning- Every child is different in their means of individuality and their thematic methodology aims to create interactive activities for them at school keeping in mind the individuality of every student. All these activities are aimed at nurturing the students’ inherent and intellectual capacities to grow steadily.

● Iplay Programme – Play is the most vital and essential part at the kindergarten level for physical, social- emotional and cognitive student development. They provide students with the choice of what to play? How to play? And whom to play with under supervision in order to accumulate and assimilate information.

● Icare Programme- Stimulating the students towards the community and the environment is the major part of the GMP programme. Through activities like gardening, charity drives and interaction with community members, they teach the children the universal compassion of kindness, gratitude and the importance of honesty, punctuality and integrity.

● Future Ready Programme- Giving the students an early start through NextGen learning is the way of giving them a heads up to understand and adopt key disciplines of the 21st century. Their future ready programme includes a dynamic hands-on approach to learning science, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM), instilling a sense of active participation and polishing their potential for critical thinking.  

2. Cambridge Montessori Pre-School Noida– 

The school is assured to create a learning environment for tiny tots based on international renowned Montessori philosophy propounded by Dr Maria Montessori. It focuses on developing an excellent Montessori curriculum sourced and researched across the globe. CMPS ensures an environment of love, compassion and harmony in making the child independent. It encourages individual creative skills to help kids become independent learners at the age of 3.5 years. It also provides an opportunity to enhance their motor skills, sensory development, hand-eye coordination and adaptation to the environment. The Teachers are well qualified and equipped with regular training, workshops and assessments. CMPS has a unique proposition keeping in mind the overall development of your child. 

 3. Sketches Montessori, Noida– 

It is the first authentic Montessori school in Noida, run by the parents and passionate Montessori educators who want this to be a completely transformative form of education in the upcoming years of a child’s life. Inspired by the principles of design and learning proposed by Dr Maria Montessori, the environment is carefully organized with Montessori materials which offer enthusiastic activities for children. The educators in their environment interact less as a teacher and more as a facilitator and curate a unique, child friendly curriculum to aid a proper learning of the child. They closely observe the child’s progress by providing them with tools instead of providing facts and figures to them. 

 4. Nestling Montessori School– 

A day care school where kids are made to fly with the wings of positivity and morality. Nestling Montessori School builds its program on such propositions where each child is considered to be unique with a definite growth and development. It is a vibrant place where you can feel blissful about bringing your child each day. It offers a varied educational environment in which children eventually learn new skills and accomplish new goals. The curriculum design is based on the child’s individual exploration and growth in a well- equipped environment that is stimulating, safe, self-consisting and nurturing. The school provides an experiential environment of learning for the students.

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