Noida Schools – A Reference List of all CBSE Schools in Noida

Choosing among schools in Noida can get slightly confusing due to the sheer number of options that are available. But we can always take the reference of a few that will help us make a better decision. Here are a few CBSE schools near me that are unique in their own ways and can be made an example of. These schools also include a CBSE based international public school by the name of Global Indian International School.

1) DPS Noida or Delhi Public School Noida

DPS is a nation-wide famous brand and leaves in its wake, a powerful reputation. In Noida, it has a huge campus and offers classes to students starting all the way from nursery to 12. It is one of the most famous CBSE schools and has a common educational framework which is recognised by a lot of major universities in and outside India. Since they are associated with CBSE, they enjoy an added advantage while writing entrance exams due to similarity in exam pattern. They also have an optional hostel system for students who wish to board.

2) GIIS or Global Indian International School, Noida

With campuses all over the globe across 7 different countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Japan, the UAE, and Vietnam, it is highly known for its international visibility, diverse forms of exposure along with innovative techniques of imparting education. The campus is located in the vicinity of a Green Belt in Noida, making it quite a student-friendly campus in terms of the surrounding environment. 

The school’s USP is that it is one of the few international schools with a CBSE curriculum. This is a major point because in this way even a non-international school student can join and get the best of both international pedagogy while at the same time having exposure to the local curriculum. 

The school’s extracurriculars are quite unique as they have tie-ups with international institutions for co-curriculars. The attention of this school goes beyond regular academics because they have an intelligent framework of holistic education called the 9GEMS Holistic Development Framework which looks at Academic excellence, Sports excellence, Visual & Performing arts, Personality Development, Innovation & Creativity, Entrepreneurship & Leadership, Universal values & Ethics, Community & Care and Skill Development. 

Students are shown the path to be enthusiastic across all aspects that the school offers, ranging from academics to co-curricular. GIIS also has a unique program called the Global Montessori Plus program for which the teachings of Maria Montessori along with their customized innovative methods were included which fall under 5 prime pillars – ‘Excelerate’ Programme, Multi-faceted learning, iPlay Programme, iCare Programme, and Future Ready Programme. 

3) Cambridge School, Noida

Cambridge School is a highly regarded CBSE based co-educational school in Noida and was founded on the 7th of April 1931 in a small house in Qutub Road, Delhi. It eventually moved to Daryaganj. By the 1940s it had become one the most known schools. Since the very start, it has focused on values of equality among the students in the form of an extension of academics. The school’s motto, “We learn to serve”, drives the important qualities of empathy and community-awareness within the students.

4) Amity International School

Amity school in Noida was quite simple back in 1994 and now it has grown into a well known CBSE co-ed Senior Secondary School with its campuses both in Noida and in Delhi offering a plethora of facilities going up to class 12 with a dynamic staff that has gone beyond the threshold in the way it offers facilities to its students. Being an international school, it has a fees of around 1.5 LPA.

Taking reference of these schools will make understanding schooling in Noida easy for you by giving you an idea of the quality and kind of schools present.