As we are seeing what’s going on in the world, it’s give a lot of stress and anxiety to us. Covid-19 has caused great damage to the world.People have suffered a lot from this pandemic. It affected the mental and physical condition of everybody. It’s very important to take care of our health in this pandemic. 

    In this hard time we have to try to get out of this stressful situation.In such situation we have to stay calm and try not to do panic. We should do these types of activities which gives us mental stability and peace. So here are some suggestions to get mental calmness.


 Yoga is the best antidote to stress. Yogic practice combines- asana practice, breathing techniques (Pranayama), meditation (dhyan). This all helps in relieving the stress and it calms down the mind. Nowadays people knows the importance of yoga and to stay mentally and physically fit they are involving yoga practice in their lifestyle.


1. EASY POSE (SUKHASANA)- This is a very easy and relaxing meditative pose. Those who cannot sit in difficult posture of meditation can use this posture. it provides physical and mental balance without stress, pain. 


– Sit in simple cross leg.

– Erect your spine and neck, sit up straight over your hip bone. 

– Relax your shoulders, feet and thighs. No tension in any parts of your body.

– Palms over your knees.

– Close your eyes and relaxed your mind.

– Keep breathing and hold this pose for 2 minutes.

– Change the cross of Your legs and do it for 2 minutes.

– Release your legs.

2. CHILD POSE(BALASANA)- Balasana can help to reduce stress and soothes the mind. It’s help in proper digestion. It relieves the lower back pain. 


– stand on your knees, roll your calf muscle out with your hands, your heels are away from each other but your big toes touching each other.

– Now lower your hips and sit on the inner arch of your feet. Lower your trunk down towards the ground, rest your abdomen on your thighs and forehead resting on the floor.

– Keep the arms along with your body, hands resting on the floor, palms facing up.

– Loosen your body and relax.

– Hold it for 2 minutes.

– Slowly lift your trunk up sit on the heels.

– Release your legs.

3.CAT AND COW POSE(MARJARYASANA/BITILASANA)- This posture improves flexibility of neck shoulder and spine. It also relieves the stress and calms the mind. 


– come to tabletop positon on the floor.    -your knees directly under your hips and your wrist under your shoulders. 

-Fingers facing front side, spread your fingers and press your palms on the floor.

– your feet should be on the floor.

– With inhalation look up and make curve on your back, open your chest, roll your hips out towards the ceiling. This is cow pose.

– After about a couple of seconds with exhalation look down and make hunch on your back, chin resting on your upper chest, hips roll in towards the floor. This is cat pose.

-Do these asanas about 10 times.

4.LEGS UP ON THE WALL POSE (VIPARIT KARNI ASANA)- This asana stimulate thyroid gland and give relief in throat diseases. Along with proper circulation of blood to the brain, it soothes the mind, relieves emotional and mental tension and helps to relieve psychological troubles.


– Find a space closer to the wall.

– Lie down on your back, touch yours buttocks on the wall and straight your legs up on the wall.

– Make yourself as comfortable in this pose, close your eyes. Release your body, release your thoughts and calm your mind . Keep inhaling and exhaling. Relax here as much as you want.

5.CORPSE POSE (SAVASANA)- Usually this is the last asana of a yoga class. This asana release all the pain, tension, worry from the body. When the body comes to a state of complete relaxation then there is an increase in the reflexes of mind.


-Lie down on your back with your legs apart but not wider than your mat. Keep your arms next to your body, palms facing up.

– Loosen your body, released all the pain and stress of your body in this pose.

-Keep your eyes closed, face relaxed, shoulders should be relaxed, each part of your body should be relaxed.

– just observe your breathing and your body parts mentally.

-Hold this pose for 3-5 minutes.

PRANAYAMA FOR STRESS RELIEVE- pranayama is the process of different breathing techniques. Breathing is the most important part of our life. It affects the activity of each cell and most importantly it is also intimately linked with the function of brain.It calms the mental and emotional stimulation and makes the life flow uninterrupted throughout the body.


1. SLOW EXHALATIONS – Slow exhalation breathing is one of the best breathing technique for beginners. This is an easy way to reduce stress at any moment. It calms down your mind and heart. It activate our parasympathetic nerve which helps us in  proper digestion, activating metabolism, good sleep, finding mental peace, slow down heart and breath.


– Sit in any comfortable pose.

– Place your palms over your knees and close your eyes.

– Now take long and deep breath in from your nostrils and take slow and deep breath out from the nostrils.

– just observe your breathing.

– Feel your breath how it goes inside your body and how it come out.

– Do it for 20 times.

2. ALTERNATE NOSTRIL BREATHING (NADI SHODHANA)- In nadishodhana pranayama we take more oxygen in our body and expel more CO2. This process removes toxic elements from our body and it makes our blood pure. It increases the vitality and reduces stress and anxiety by bringing harmony with the vital organs. This is also known as AnulomVilom pranayama. This is one of the most popular breathing techniques which peoples do on regular basis.


 -Sit in any comfortable meditative pose with straight spine and  your shoulders should be relaxed.close your eyes.

 – Put your left hand on your left knee in Gyan mudra. Tip of your thumb and index finger are touching each other and other three fingers outstretched with the palm facing upward.

 – Now make Pranav mudra from right hand ,close your index and middle finger and straight your other three fingers. We will use thumb and ring finger for pranayama.

 – Now close your right nostril with thumb inhale from left nostril, hold here for some seconds, close your left nostril with ring finger and remove the thumb from right nostril and exhale from the right nostril.

 – Now inhale from right nostril and hold here for some seconds, now exhale from the left nostril. This is one circle.

 –  Do 20 circles.

 3.BEE BREATH (BHRAMARI PRANAYAMA)- Bhramari Pranayama also known as Humming Bee Breath. It remove anger anxiety and insomnia by its impact on brain. It empowers the voice and remove throat diseases.


 -Sit in any meditative pose at a quiet and well ventilated place. Close your eyes.

 -close the cartilage of your ears with your thumb and rest your index finger on your forehead, middle and ring finger gently closing your eyes and pinky finger resting on your cheeks.

 – take a long, deep breath through your nostrils, as you exhale produce the melodious and monolithic sound of ‘HMMM’ like a humming bee.

 – Do it for 5-10 rounds.

4. COOLING BREATH( SHEETALI PRANAYAMA)- This is a cooling and calming breathing technique. This Pranayama helps us to control our mentally and emotionally stimulation in any situation. It provide mind tranquility and peace. It takes out the toxins from our body.


-Sit in any comfortable pose, straight your spine.

-Make gyan mudra with your hands. Close your eyes.

-Take deep and slow inhalation and exhalation with your nostrils. Keep focus on your breathing. Normalised your breath.

-Now take your tongue out and roll your tongue in from both the sides to make a tube shape.

-Now take the inhalation from the tongue tube, close your mouth and hold the breath for few seconds.

-Exhale out from the nostrils.

– Repeat this for 8-10 times.

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