Perks of Integrating with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce is a superpower tool that works like magic if leveraged right. As a versatile cloud-based platform, Salesforce has several extended and customization features available to accelerate business growth and success. Additionally, the top-notch services included in Sales Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connect, Commerce Cloud, to name a few, make the platform more demanding and preferred by both large and small businesses.

Do you aim to retain your existing customers, generate more leads or improve your overall performance? With Salesforce, all these expectations are simpler and more seamless than ever before. Check out the list of reasons for integrating your business with Salesforce marketing CRM.

1. Unify marketing and sales effort

Marketing and sales are closely related, but they differ in achieving their individual goals and motives. Given that the ultimate goal of both is a win-win for business, every team ensures to collaborate with sales reps and the marketing team. When you integrate meeting cloud and sales cloud, you will get deeper insight from the customers. Feedback from customers will help you uplift your marketing and sales effort regularly, a crucial benefit of Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration. Marketing and sales cloud can work together to move a prospect down the sales funnel. Best of all, they can automate emails and text messages seamlessly.

2. Audience segmentation

When using marketing and salesforce cloud together, and your team gets to know each other well, you are in the position to split your customers into smaller groups. These groups will be according to the interests of your customers this helping you to create automated personalized messages. As a result, it will increase customer loyalty by instilling in them a sense of understanding that you care for them and their needs.

3. Engagement and customer satisfaction 

You can understand what motivates your prospect to convert to customers when you watch them go through both the marketing and sales process. Your marketing team will see what your customers need by following which channels they are active on and how they interact with your brand, helping in personalizing pitches, driving customer loyalty, and increasing sales. Keep in mind that every touchpoint with your customer counts, as they give you the chance to get more information concerning their wants. Integration between sales cloud and marketing cloud allows both teams to access customer information and tools that help them get to the customers personally. 

4. Understand customers better

When you integrate salesforce and marketing cloud, you will understand your customers better. You will be in a position to get your customer’s psychology. Upon this, you will get an additional advantage over your competitors because you will adapt to change even as your customer’s interests change. You will know what is working and enhance adaptability to make informed decisions at the right moment.

5. Innovation

Sustainability in business is strenuous without innovation. Therefore, coming up with new ideas is a driving factor to keep your business moving forward. The integration of Salesforce marketing Cloud connect will allow the users to be innovative since you connect well with your customers. When using these, you can come with new ideas and put them into action immediately because you know what your clients want. It also allows for streamline ideas from anywhere, giving you more room to be innovative.

The Bottom Lines

The powerful features of both marketing cloud and salesforce cloud, if connected and brought to work as a team, will add value to your system. With personalized messaging and following up on the sales and marketing process, you will have a competitive edge. Salesforce is the solution to any of your customer relationship needs. If you want to explore more on integrating Salesforce marketing Cloud Connect, talk to experts from ArizTech and get ready to welcome new leads to your business.

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