10 Tip to Maintain and Boost Performance of Laptop

Everybody knows to work on laptops. But how to work on it is not enough. To continue working with your laptops for a long period of time is important. This is possible only when you know how to make the best use of your laptop. 

Most of the users know very well how to take good care of their laptops. Some are not that careful. Thus, the quality of your laptop starts degrading day by day. If the proper attention is paid, you will learn about so many causes of their degradation. Like, hardware issues, malware and viruses, compatibility issues and bugs, etc. 

Once they become old and spoiled, you replace them with a new one. But replacement is not the solution everytime. You can keep your favourite laptop with you for long, only if you follow some useful hacks.

List of Tips to Boost and Maintain the Performance of Laptop

In this article, you will learn about some useful tips and tricks that can help you boost the performance of your laptop. 

1. Touchpad Problems should be Fixed:

Most of the time users face the ‘asus touchpad not working Windows 10’ issue. They get stuck there as they are unaware of the exact solution to this issue. In such a situation, two steps can be taken. You can check if the asus touchpad is enabled or not? Or you can update the asus touchpad driver on your PC. 

The drivers can be updated by selecting any driver updater software. Or you can go to the manufacturer’s site and download the correct driver from there. This will definitely fix the issue.

2. Hard-Drive should be Cleaned:

Some of you may be using the hard-disk drives or the solid-state drives in your PCs. it is important that you keep checking the storage space in your drives. If there is no free space left, you should take some urgent action. Because it will directly affect the performance of your laptop. 

You can install the best duplicate photo finder software to identify and delete the duplicate files and images from your laptop. It will free up a large space for your other essential files struggling for some space. This will automatically increase the performance level of your laptop. 

3. Reboot your laptop:

You can shut down and then reboot your laptop. This will help in closing all the applications that were running. Also, it will clean all the data that is stored in the memory. Finally, the rate of performance of the laptop will be increased. 

4. Startup Applications can be Disabled:

There are some applications that start as soon as the system reboots. This includes some unwanted applications also. Such applications can be disabled at the Startup. These applications unnecessarily utilize the resources of the system, thus making it slow and weak. Once disabled, the system will work faster than before.

5. Unwanted apps should be uninstalled:

In your laptop, there are so many unwanted apps installed. These apps come with every new device you use. Such applications occupy a large hard drive space and make your laptop slow and weak. These apps should be immediately uninstalled. 

6. Quality apps should be installed:

To improve the performance of your laptop, try to install only the quality apps. It is important to check the security and performance level of apps installed. They should be installed from reliable sources only. Also, you should not install apps that may bring malware and virus threats to your laptop.

7. Defragmentation:

It means that you can reorganize the data that is stored in the hard-drive. With the help of the defragmentation process, you can arrange all the related data together. It is like cleaning the hard-drive completely. It increases the performance of the system.

8. Use ReadyBoost:

To achieve an optimum performance level of the system, you can also use ReadyBoost. It makes use of the Flash drives, SD card and Cache files. If you are using the Solid State Drives, ReadyBoost will not work there. Because it is impossible to offer extra benefits for this software. 

9. Malware scanning should be done:

The viruses, malwares, spywares, etc. consume a lot of resources of the system. This makes your laptop or PC slow and weak. Thus, a proper scanning of the malware, virus or threats should be done. For example, in Windows 10 you can download the Microsoft Defender Antivirus. Or it is recommended to go for the full scanning option.

10. Block Background Apps:

It is essential to block or disable certain background apps. Because they keep running in the background while you are using these apps, that makes the speed of the system slow. Thus, you can disable these background apps.


Hope you will follow the tricks and tips discussed in the article above. If followed properly, it will surely improve the performance level of your laptop. With better performance of the system, you will also get the opportunity to increase your efficiency level.

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