Why Businesses Prefer Salesforce Hyperforce?

From its very existence, Salesforce has been a cloud service with its own resources. Even today, it works on advancing the capabilities of Salesforce customer portal and other customer-centric solutions. But as companies evolved, Salesforce moved its workload to other public clouds like Azure, AWS, and Google. It required a holistic approach for its data storage and wanted the same for its customers. Those using Salesforce Client Portal and other products should be able to store their data in a proper form. 

And in this process, came the Hyperforce – a structure that helps customers deliver workload on their choice of public cloud. It helps them deploy apps and services from anywhere in a secure manner. 

“Salesforce Hyperforce is a solution that can help Salesforce customers accelerate their digital transformation and empower them to grow, fast, and scale exponentially.” – Bret Taylor, President, and COO, Salesforce. 

In the era of cloud computing, where data sharing needs to be swift and instant, security becomes essential. Hence, Salesforce Hyperforce!

Why Should You Choose Salesforce Hyperforce?

Salesforce is one of the leading CRMs and has a 20% share of the overall market. It provides a single point of source that connects customers’ data across systems, apps, and carries out commerce from anywhere.

As for Hyperforce, it’s a public cloud where customers can move their data from all products like sales, marketing, and other connected applications. 

It offers customers’ commerce elasticity with high-level B2B and B2C efficiency, and thus businesses opt for it. In addition to this, Hyperforce offers:


Salesforce Hyperforce allows data to be distributed rapidly and quickly in the public network. This reduces the implementation time. Moreover, it enables expanding networks and infrastructures while driving elasticity.  


The best thing about Hyperforce is scalability and interoperability. It allows businesses to acquire the required data at lightning speed. They can deploy the public cloud quickly. For instance, a business having millions of customers worldwide and using the Salesforce customer portal can move its data to AWS or others in a fraction of seconds. All thanks to Hyperforce. It also reduces the lifecycle of Salesforce implementation from weeks to days. 


Every business knows the value of securing customer data. Maybe this is why 150,000+ customers prefer Salesforce and its solutions, such as a Salesforce client portal.

Hyperforce, a Salesforce solution, places security first in its architecture. It restricts the appropriate level of customer data and protects data from any misconfigurations like human errors or random factors. 

It comes with in-built security and a trusted cloud environment. Its primary objective is to focus on confidentiality and data privacy so that businesses can dedicate their productive time to creativity and advancements. 


In the digital hour, the most important thing that businesses require is software compatibility. They want a solution that they can access from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Keeping this in mind, Salesforce assures backward compatibility. Businesses can run all applications, customizations, and integrations, without any disruption. 

Everything works perfectly on Hyperforce. 

It’s like using the Salesforce apps while storing the data on different places that are connected. 


For businesses in different regions, complying with country-specific regulations becomes essential. They have to store data locally, following the data security laws and enforcement criteria. 

Hence, Hyperforce comes with a local data storage feature. It allows businesses to pick the location where they want to store data. Companies can select their Salesforce hosting, which is quite beneficial for public sectors. 

Here are the advantages that businesses leverage from using Hyperforce. 

  • The public cloud connectivity allows clients to access computing resources more conveniently. Hyperforce provides fast and straightforward deployment, reducing time consumption from weeks to days.
  • The security framework ensures 100% safety. By restricting the data from unauthorized access, it secures confidential data from user mistakes. 
  • Businesses can choose to keep the data in the proper location across Hyperforce. They can ensure compliance with industry-specific legal rules and regulations. 
  • Hyperforce provides flexibility and, ultimately, backward functionality. It ensures businesses that current implementation will function properly on their choice of cloud preference. 
  • It reduces the infrastructure costs and the overall efforts in the long run.

With this, we can conclude that Hyperforce is the future. 

Closing Thoughts

The rapid developments in tech, changing customer behavior, and market trends have made it crucial for businesses to follow agile methodology. They need to scale up their services and the solutions for business growth. While driving digital transformation, reducing infrastructure costs is essential. And this makes Salesforce Hyperforce – undoubtedly a win-win platform.

If you want to leverage the public cloud partners and expand quickly while meeting the local data storage requirements, go for Salesforce Hyperforce. 



Salesforce Hyperforce allows businesses to use their Salesforce apps conveniently with data on the public cloud. It’s a power-pack solution that offers scalability, flexibility, compatibility, compliance. 

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