Videos Are Excellent Medium to Connect With Audiences

In the last ten years, Facebook, Instagram,and Twitter have become integral parts of our lives. These are the main social channels that businesses use to engage with customers, and it’s going to remain that way in the future too. In fact, in all likelihood, it might play an even more important role.

And if companies haven’t adapted to that change yet, it’s high time they do it now. Growth oriented brands aren’t just satisfied with a Facebook page anymore — they’re also active on platforms their customers use most often, like Instagram ,YouTube, and Connectd appan upcoming dating site on Indian social media . The reason is quite simple- Everybody loves videos.

Videos are much more than just a snapshot. People use videos to share an experience with others, and also to attract an audience into their life. Video based platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch are breaking all records, both in terms of audiences and channels. In case you haven’t  started using videos to connect with audiences, your competitors will leave you far behind.

The best part is that this is the ideal time to start creating video content through an online video editor. You can use the following tips to tell your company’s story and build a better relationship with your audiences.

The Journey of a Winner

The latest trend in corporate storytelling has been a focus on considering the customer as the hero. Although traditional marketing always puts a company in the center — almost suggesting customers why they need a particular product or service.

Now, the new thinking is to consider a company as the hero’s guide that is reaching out to each customer and helping them overcome whatever problems they are facing to achieve their goals. The services and products that companies offer are only tools for customers to succeed on their personal journey.

Companies all over the world are fast changing their perspective as a result, which is making customers more powerful. This is especially true for a video format where an organization puts a face to a brand. You are not just a salesman, you become a fellow human being.

It’s Better to Show Than Tell

There is a very popular phrase “Show, don’t tell.” Although this is usually a golden rule for writers, it’s also applicable to storytelling that captures someone’s attention. Therefore, don’t annoy viewers, readers, or listeners with excess information. They will simply lose interest in you, and may choose to close out of a video or delete an email. To keep your customers engaged, look for an alternative way to show your topic in action — almost as if you’re providing a visual context for the idea your content is related to.

There are videos that require a step-by-step process, potentially with visuals. While others might benefit from specific examples, like testimonials or case studies. In some cases, you may just need to talk to someone who can break a topic down or show how it affects their life. They all provide value which can empower viewers to take their next step and learn more. One of the best examples of showing instead of telling is Airbnb’s advertisement for their YouTube channel.

It doesn’t matter what you choose, your objective should be to surround your video topic with context. Make it easy for a viewer to stay connected. This is an important part of what makes storytelling click, and it’s something that comes organically in a video format.

Engage The Audience

Video marketing is very effective because it can feel like a conversation, and conversations lead to engagement. There are enough data that shows that putting a question at the end of a video brings viewer responses. That’s a useful metric for tracking your video’s success. At the same time, it’s even more valuable as a way to inform future content.

Begin Planning Your Posts Now

Video storytelling is a means to create an opportunity to listen to your audience and design content around their conversations. Getting feedback from customers and including it into your content strategy will bring more benefits to your company. Customers will know that you’re listening. This is quite simple, but it helps in showing people you care about their opinions and are more than willing to support their journey. Always remember, your customer is the hero!

Bringing the spotlight on customers gives them a sense of ownership in your company. They might not have any actual share in your company, but that emotional bonding can go a long way in building long-term loyalty.
Your customer base becomes wider. When you tell your customers’ stories, it encourages them to share that content with their friends.

This kind of natural excitement is what every company craves, since it reaches much beyond your video channel and puts your brand in focus. Once you give a serious thought to those benefits, it’s impossible not to see the value of creating video content to engage your customers.

Make It Understandable

The last but not the least is the challenge to find the right way to present your content. Your customers are constantly on move, and that makes storytelling a real challenge. People are usually not interested in reading a whole lot of text, especially if they’re potential leads that are still getting to know your products and services.