9 Ways to Create Effective Letterhead in 2021

It is undeniable that most businesses today rely on digital marketing to promote their products and services, including social media, search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC) and email marketing. But overall, most startups start marketing their brands using existing tools like business cards, brochures, postcards, and stationery. In this blog post, we show you how letterhead printing is the most important part of your marketing campaign and share some handy tips for creating high-quality letterhead. 

In the digital age, many consumers are still looking for written and signed communications. You must be thinking, why? The answer is letterheads make messages more appealing and help you boost the credibility of your brand. Therefore, communicating with customers, employees, patrons, and business partners using well-designed letterhead can help you effectively promote your brand as well as make your brand professional and faithful. It is the reason that custom stationery notes are still popular among businesses as well as individuals.

For this reason, you need ready-made ideas when designing business letterheads. Let’s take a look at some tips every business should follow when building a brand.

Ways to Create Effective Letterhead 

Are you ready to get started? Let’s read out the tips below:

Include All Necessary Contact Details

Let’s begin with the most necessary thing that you should understand if you are planning to start a business and thinking about designing a letterhead. 

Design is important, but be careful not to miss important details when it comes to letterhead printing. We love everything from your company name to your physical gateway, email and web addresses, phone number, and contact information, including links to social media apps. 

However, do not confuse the information, as the letterhead’s main task is to bring the content of the letter in order. So, design the letterhead in a way that makes information easily readable.

Don’t Make It Overwhelming

Another important thing to keep in mind when designing letterhead is not to make it too complicated. The simpler the design, the easier it is to read for the targeted audience. A reader should find all the information by looking at the post, even without searching. 

So, to save time and money on letterhead printing and design, create stylish, easy-to-read letterheads. The simpler the letterhead is, the more effective your message will become. Besides, people will take interest in reading what you want to say and give feedback. 

Try Special Effects

Another result-oriented way that you should consider is; add a few special effects when designing this marketing material to make your text stand out and communicate your point effectively. 

However, for the sake of simplicity, don’t just draw lines around the edges of the paper, thinking that it’ll make your message perfect. Make it a little more glamorous with eye-catching special effects. So, show your creativity and use it when designing your letterhead. We make sure that it will bring some unexpected results.

Don’t Take Alignment Lightly

Some more important considerations when it comes to letterhead printing are positioning and orientation. Follow your business design guide to ensure consistency and effectively communicate your message throughout your campaign. 

This builds a clear brand image with people. We recommend using A4 paper and do not place the logo in the center. This allows you to create headers that can easily engage with your audience.

Use Colors Smartly

Every color has its own quality, properties, and usage, and can bring life to anything if used correctly. However, using too many colors in a marketing collateral is not a good idea and can be ignored by people. 

Create a professional look with stationery colors that match the personality of your brand. It is best to use color combinations that you use with other components of your brand. 

This simplifies the branding process and allows people to recognize your brand easily. Ask the designer to provide a color palette that makes the message powerful and easy to read.

Don’t Hesitate to Print Continuation Sheets

Not every time, but there is a time comes when you need to share the information that needs more than one page to get printed. Most companies leave the second page blank here, but that’s not a good idea. To deliver a big message effectively, you should pay attention to additional papers. 

However, when you go for continuation sheets, you need to follow the same design as on the first page. Doing this will help readers get the consistent feeling while reading your message.

Use a Vector Version of Your Logo

We suggest you use vector logos, images, and elements in a letterhead to give it a perfect look. Vector format is better than high resolution Photoshop files for printed marketing collateral. There are no worries if you are using high-res files, but a vector format can help you make readers feel better. What’s more? This will make letterhead printing easier and smoother.

Connect with Professionals

Most startups today use home or office printers to print their business stationery, which is a big blunder. It can save you a few dollars, but it doesn’t provide the quality you need to effectively submit your application.

If you’re using an office printer, keep your designs as simple as possible, as you won’t be able to print fancy designs with too many creative elements and effects.

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