Need to Create an Award-winning Ecommerce App? NodeJS Is the Key!

2021 is recording a tremendous surge in NodeJS app development. As per the StackOverflow developer’s survey conducted in 2020, NodeJS is leading in the web framework market with a 51.9% stake. It also holds the second rank on Github, where it showcases 70,000 stars. 

Surprisingly, the market is recording a massive rise in demand to hire NodeJS developers, even more than PHP. 

What’s the reason behind the growth of this full-stack technology? 

It’s simply the fact that it can do anything and everything when it comes to development. This trait of NodeJS makes it a perfect fit for an e-commerce application. An eCommerce app requires technology capable of handling mass data and heavy infrastructure, and that’s exactly what NodeJS does. 

Online shopping has taken a transformative turn towards normalization after the pandemic hit the world. And the competition has become cut-throat, and to be honest, everyone wishes to get ahead in the race. 

But how? You thought right; it’s only possible with NodeJS!

But before we dive into understanding why NodeJS is the deal-breaker, let’s try to understand what e-commerce is, how robust it is, and how NodeJS is the perfect fit for it. 

E-commerce’s evolution: 

1995 was the start of e-commerce when Amazon sold the first book through the internet, and eBay was released. With time, digital sales started to generate better revenues.

  • In 2000 the online sales revenue in the US grew $25 billion+. 
  • The B2C sales through the internet surpassed $1 trillion. 

The trends to watch for in 2021: The future of e-commerce: 

  • Single-click mobile payments and orders: 

Almost all customers make online payments while making purchases. Therefore, it is vital to develop an easy and smooth checkout process so that your users don’t leave halfway. A complicated checkout process can make your users leave halfway and go to your competitor’s website to shop their desired procedure. 

Therefore, you need to hire NodeJS programmers to develop a smooth e-commerce website or app. 

  • Customization:

If you create user personas to customize your application, then you are following the mantra to growth. Your website must give the users what they’re looking for. Therefore, customization is the key to enter the minds of users and stay in there. Personalized offers, dynamic content, and customized call to action can attract more audiences to your website and make them take action. 

Thus, you need to build a good user persona and then create the required features for your audiences. This will enable you to bring the desired results for your app. 

  • Product Content Syndication: 

Product content syndication refers to the sharing of product-relevant content across various channels and platforms. Content syndication manages relevant data centrally. Therefore, it is easier to update or change. The content syndication is beneficial for both B2B and B2C companies: 

  1. Easy in-house management
  2. Efficient partnership with distributors and resellers.
  3. Better search ranking
  4. Maximum exposure for your product and brand
  5. Increases traffic and number of users
  • AI chatbots:

Chatbots play a crucial role in determining user action. AI chatbots can efficiently identify the user intent while carrying out particular tasks. Technologies used in developing chatbots replace a human conversation with that of a computer. Therefore, the process becomes more aligned and appropriate. Integration of chatbots will allow your company to be in constant communication with your users. It simply means you’re available 24*7 for your users. 

However, you will have to hire NodeJS developers to successfully integrate a fully functional chatbot into your application. 

The benefits of using AI chatbots for your e-commerce application: 

  • It makes the UX memorable
  • Reduces the cost of customer service
  • Facilitates product optimization and evaluation
  • Enhances sales and customer services. 

Want to make your mark in the future? NodeJS is here to help! 

NodeJS is free of cost run-time environment with built-in JavaScript. It is a platform-independent solution that allows the execution of JavaScript outside of the browser. NodeJS enables the development of networking and server-side applications, making them fast and scalable. NodeJS is suited well for building real-time data-intensive applications that are capable of running on various devices. 

Code execution is extremely fast in NodeJS as it is built on JavaScript’s V8 run-time engine. The technology does not buffer any data. However, it outputs them in bits and pieces. Developers all across the world love NodeJS as it is asynchronous, highly scalable, and data-driven. Renowned names in the tech industry such as PayPal, Netflix, Amazon, LinkedIn and more use NodeJS in their tech stacks. 

Why choose NodeJS for e-commerce application development? 

There are thousands of reasons supporting the claim that you should hire NodeJS programmers to build your e-commerce application. 

However, some of the prominent reasons for choosing NodeJs are: 

  • You can save up a lot on your app development budget since NodeJS is an open-source technology. 
  • E-commerce applications require excellent performing capabilities, and fortunately, NodeJS offers the same. 
  • NodeJS allows developers to fully utilize its cross-platform abilities making it affordable and easy to develop an application using even a novice developer.
  • Since NodeJS is a standard enterprise-level solution, your developer would get unconditional support from the robust NodeJS developer’s community. 
  • An application built with NodeJS is swift and lightweight. Therefore, an application built with it will have high speed and enhanced performance. 
  • Since NodeJS has an event-driven architecture, it helps a developer build a scalable e-commerce application. 
  • NodeJS offers various plugins. Therefore, you can customize and enhance your website using market-intelligent tools without hampering the current functioning of your project.
  • The technology also offers various tools to add innovative shopping carts to your e-commerce websites. 


E-commerce applications are not just a business anymore; it has become the need of the hour. And business owners need to take advantage of the growing opportunities and build their own eCommerce website. However, if you wish to do that, you would have to hire NodeJs programmers to execute the development without any flaws. 

The above-presented data gives deep insight into why NodeJS is the perfect solution for an e-commerce project. Now that you’ve found your suited technology, all you have to do is find professional help for excellent development.