Unknown Facts About USA You Should Know

The US population is more than 331 million, and it is the 3rd most populated country after India and China. Apart from that, it is also the 4th largest country in the world in terms of area. This enormous land of 50 states is very popular and has a cultural impression driven by technological innovation, music, TV, and famous movies. You can get to know more about this beautiful nation if you want to visit here by your cheap India to USA flight.

Here are a few unknown facts about the United States:

1.  The United States has the world’s largest economy

Since 1871, the US has sustained its place of being the largest economy in the world. The US is also an economic superpower, and this is because of the reality that it makes up nearly a quarter of the world economy. 

2.  Las Vegas is known as the gambling capital

Las Vegas is one of the most populated cities in the US and is the most crowded metropolis in Nevada. This well-known city is popular for its gambling, entertainment, shopping, dining, and nightlife. Also, the city has the most prominent strip of casinos that has earned the title of “Gambling Capital of the World.”

Moreover, the city is renowned for its mega-casino hotels, and that has also earned Las Vegas the “Entertainment Capital of the World” title. Las Vegas is also one of the most visited tourist places globally, plus one of the top places for business meetings in the US.

3.  There is nothing like official language in the United States

Since English is mainly spoken in the US, there are no rules and regulations on a federal level, saying that English is the nation’s official language. But, although there aren’t any federal rules, 31 states have confirmed English as the official language. Also, there are just a few formally bilingual states. For instance, in New Mexico state, the official language is Spanish and English. In contrast, in Louisiana, the official language is French and English, and at last, in Hawaii, the official languages are Hawaiian and English.

4.  The country has several free museums

The United States capitol Washington DC is the center of American history and culture. There are a lot of things to witness in the capital region, counting several free museums. Actually, 11 out of the 20 Smithsonian Institute Museums are in Washington DC, counting the National Museum of American History, National Museum of Natural History, and many.

5.  The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France

“Liberty Enlightening the World” was the official name of the Statue of Liberty. It was a gift from the French for commemorating 100 years of French-American relations. Frederic Auguste Bartholdi was the person who sculpted the structure, whereas the framework was intended by Gustave Eiffel (French engineer), who intended the Eiffel Tower, too.

6.  The US is the haven to numerous natural wonders of the world

UNESCO has acknowledged lots of heritage sites in the US. AS per UNESCO, a world heritage site is a spot of unique physical or cultural importance. Yellowstone National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, etc., are a few instances of the UNESCO heritage sites in the United States that you can get to visit following your India to USA flight.

7.  Center of entertainment

The US has a great influence on global culture, and a part of that originates from entertainment. Several action and romantic films are produced in America. Hollywood is very popular worldwide as the center of entertainment, and a few will think that it is one of the most popular destinations on the planet.

8.  Alaska has the longest shoreline in the country

As compared to other US states, Alaska has the longest shoreline. What exactly is a shoreline? The shoreline is the length of land bordering the ocean (the Arctic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean) and Alaska borders.

9.  It has many gorgeous and unique backdrops

As the US is famous for the hurly-burly of its big towns, this wonderful nation also offers eye-catching scenic landscapes. The Grand Canyon is one of the most famous locations for sightseeing when it comes to scenic outlooks, but there are many others.

Book your international flights to USA in advance to witness the stunning Mount McKinley, Zion Canyon, and other beautiful tourist sites of the United States.

10.  America offers delectable cuisine

USA is also famous for some dishes. Many tourists worldwide come here to try a variety of dishes such as jelly sandwiches, BBQ ribs, peanut butter, s’mores, cheeseburgers, and many. 

11.  America is home to many best musical artists

Besides being a big country, America’s musical impression has also left a great impact on the world. America rules the music industry since there are lots of talented musical artists that call the US home. Jimmy Hendrix, Beyonce, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Whitney Houston, and Madonna are some very popular personalities in the music industry.

12.  The Gateway Arch is the tallest monument in America

You can find The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri. This monument resides along the west bank of River Mississippi. It is a 630 feet tall monument that claims the designation of the tallest human-made structure in the country.

The Gateway Arch honours the westward expansion of the US.  What’s more, it is the symbol of St. Louis, and due to this, it is a very famous tourist site.

Final words

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