Android App Development: The Market’s Showstopper!

Entrepreneurs worldwide need a platform that can cater well to their ideas, needs and market. Even if the approach towards bringing their ideas to life may be different, the platforms through which this idea will be delivered are the same. 

Nowadays, smartphone usage has become quite popular; the most promising way of delivering your brand to the target audience is through mobile applications. But the fundamental of launching an application to become famous is releasing it on the right platform as per your target audience. 

But how to choose that? There are so many operating systems in the market; how to make a choice? 

Well, the two prominent game players of the mobile app development market are Android and iOS. Therefore, a sensible choice would be one of the two. 

As an android app development company with a decade long experience, we would suggest you choose the platform with a broader user base, i.e., Android. 

Android applications enjoy a significant 73% of user base from around the world. Imagine what this means; this simply means that out of 100 people who own a smartphone, 73 people use Android. 

How huge is the percentage! 

It is only logical to step into the market with a broad user base. Surely it would be more competitive, but competition can do wonders if your idea is unique. 

So let’s deeply understand why choosing Android app development is the best thing you can do: 


The open-source nature of Android is one of the most significant advantages it has; it is the reason companies like HTC and Samsung love using the platform. The code of Android is free to use and can be utilised by any manufacturer of mobile devices. Therefore, the market for Android devices is the largest there is, surpassing that of Windows, Blackberry, and iOS. 

Easy Access: 

Another reason contributing to the success of Android applications is their accessibility. Any programmer who can code Java or Android SDK can effectively create an Android application. The Android SDK tool requires no cost and can be accessed effectively from anywhere. The tool is capable of developing some of the most innovative mobile applications. 


Every android apps development company uses Java as a programming language to code an android app. The scripting language makes these applications easily portable to various operating systems like Ubuntu, Blackberry, and Symbian. Moreover, these Android applications can be transferred to Chrome OS. Microsoft has even announced a more straightforward method for moving Android apps to Windows 10. 


Another significant advantage of developing an Android application is its installation feature using any source apart from the existing one. Applications can be easily tested and used on multiple devices. 

The advantage is credited only to the SDK tool. You can install your applications on devices right via the command line. 


The common belief is that iOS users tend to spend more on their applications, and Android users have a budget crunch. However, the status quo is rapidly changing. People now buy Android, not because they can not afford an iOS device, but because they like the specifications Android offers. Therefore, Android has become equally profitable compared to iOS. 

Also, advertising falls cheaper on the pockets of business owners, considering its vast audience base; this means entrepreneurs can advertise on Android devices while reaching a mass user base. 

Social apps:

Android is well optimised for social applications, and this particular segment is significantly growing. Android app developers can increase their revenues by getting into the social field. Since the integration of Android is efficient with the vast social networks, entrepreneurs and business owners have an edge in revenue generation by going social. 

Works on various devices:

Android is penetrated deeply into the market, so deep that it works on practically every device that runs on Android. The Operating Systems can be found on Smart Tvs, tables, video game players, cameras, smartwatches and car systems. The number of devices that run on Android is shockingly high. 

Almost every android apps development company can create an application for your business that is compatible with various devices. This gives your business a wider audience reach and a better active user base. 

Customisable UI:

Google has been working hard to make Android’s UI not just flexible but customisable as well. To do so, Google has added a lot of customisable widgets to Android. The given widgets can be integrated anywhere, and they offer updates and shortcuts to an array of services, including messages, calendars and emails. 

APP Distribution: 

iOS applications require you to publish your app only on the Apple App Store. However, with Android applications, none of that is needed. You can post your application on any desired platform, and many third-party stores help you make it possible. 

Better reach to the market: 

Android applications always have and still support the latest cutting-edge ideas. Although simple applications still are on many operating systems, most huge innovations start at Google. 

Customized Roms: 

Android enjoys advanced features of many third-party applications that can be modified and customised rather than the ones already integrated with a phone. The system comes with many tweaks that no other operating system offers, not even iOS or Windows. 


The above-presented points are clear indicators of why Android is the best deal to develop a mobile application of any genre. We’ve been an android app development company for more than a decade now. Based on years of work and experience, we can vouch that Android has an edge in mobile application development over all other frameworks. 

Therefore, if you need a reliable solution to develop a brilliant mobile application, Android is the best bet.