Best Poses of Yoga For Upper Back Pain

Does your job demand you to sit for long hours? If yes, then chances are high you might suffer from upper back pain. That reason being too much forward bending of the neck. Also, sitting in an in-appropriate posture is going to put a lot of stress on your neck, shoulders, and upper back. One thing you should do to remain pain free is to strengthen your muscles. For that, you should practice yoga for upper back pain.

You might not be able to move your body if you are suffering from back pain. In that case, here are some of the easiest poses of yoga for upper back pain that you can include in your yoga session. Read on.

Easiest Poses of Yoga For Upper Back Pain

Cobra Pose

The Cobra pose not just works on your spine, it also makes your shoulder and neck strong. However, for that, you need to engage your scapula muscles to shift your weight from chest to shoulders. Moreover, shift your weight on your toes to further engage your traps and upper back muscles.

Hence, practicing the Cobra pose ensures you get stronger chest, neck, shoulders, and back muscles. This way, you remain healthy, strong, and pain free with regular yoga practice.

Downward Dog Pose

One of the most common poses of yoga for upper back pain is the Downward Dog. It strengthens your back, core, arms, shoulders, and neck muscles. Moreover, regularly practicing the Downward Dog pose increases the stability of your hands, wrists, and other joints.

Furthermore, it also increases the flow of blood to your brain and upper back muscles. It increases the oxygen storage and consumption that keeps your muscles strong and flexible. Hence, even if you tend to sit in the wrong posture, your body has the energy to cope up with that.

Thread the Needle

It is one of the best poses of yoga for upper back pain. Moving your arm under your chest to the opposite side stretches your upper back. Therefore, it strengthens your traps that ensures your body holds on to more pressure when you bend your neck.

One unique thing about the Thread the Needle pose is that it twists the upper back. Hence, it increases the flow of blood into your upper back, lats, and shoulder muscles.


The Superman pose works on the backside of your body. That means to say, it focuses on your spine, rear-delts, lower back, hips, hamstrings, and neck muscles. Hence, it improves your body’s ability to support your body.

Therefore, with regular practice of the Superman pose, you get strong spinal muscles. Moreover, it strengthens the smaller supporting muscles of your spine for maximum protection of your spine. Your body muscles gain better flexibility to allow you to sit in a comfortable position.

Lying Spinal Twist

Stretching your spinal muscles helps in releasing stress, muscle fatigue, and muscle tension. When you practice the Lying Spinal Twist, it works on your spinal muscles. Moreover, they stretch your oblique muscles for better blood flow and muscle strength.

Further, Lying Spinal Twist works on your stomach as well. It gently massages your abdominal muscles that enhance your body’s ability to cope up with sitting for too long. It ensures your SI joints work perfectly fine and deliver support to your lower back.

Child’s Pose

Famous yoga gurus in India suggest that you should practice Child’s pose consistently. One of the major benefits of practicing the Child’s pose is that it relaxes your mind. Moreover, it removes fatigue from your legs which helps you have a strong base for your regular activities.

Moreover, the forward-bending motion calms the mental mechanisms that help you become observant of your posture. In short, it is the finest yoga pose that you should include in your routine.


Back pain is one of the most common issues that lead to various other ailments, physical as well as mental. For instance, back pain makes you incapable of moving your body to do any exercise. It also affects your metabolic rate.

Hence, you can understand what simple back pain can lead to. For every back issue, you should practice yoga for back pain. This not just keeps you healthy but also helps you fight back pain better. In turn, you become a healthier being with optimum strength and flexibility.