10 Yoga Mistakes You Should Avoid For Best Results

There is so much that goes into a yoga class. So, whether you are a newbie or an experienced yoga practitioner, mistakes are bound to happen. You can neglect some mistakes, however, others might lead to an injury. So, to have the best results, you should keep all the yoga mistakes in check.

Further, observe and identify all the yoga mistakes to rectify them. Let’s have a brief of various yoga mistakes you should avoid. Read on.

Yoga Mistakes You Should Be Aware of

Wearing Inappropriate Clothing

Want free movement of your body? If yes, you should wear comfortable clothing while practicing yoga. However, you might need to experiment with different types of clothing according to your body type. Remember that too tight clothing could lead to more sweat, restricted movement, and might scratch your body. 

Not Using Yoga Props

Beginners think of yoga props as unnecessary means or a sign of weakness. However, yoga props like yoga straps or yoga blocks are there to enhance your yoga practice. Not just do they offer extended movement but also support your body. So, make sure you avoid the mistake of neglecting the use of yoga props.

Practicing With a Full Stomach

Being a newbie yoga practitioner, you might find it hard to adjust the time of yoga practice and meal time. When you practice yoga on a full stomach, you’ll instantly regret it as it leads to heavy and uncomfortable movements. Thus, it is one of the most common yoga mistakes made by  practitioners due to the lack  of knowledge what to eat before a yoga session.

Holding Your Breath

You should understand that the art of yoga means to have a perfect breathing flow along with physical asanas. However, many yoga practitioners hold their breath while shifting one yoga pose to the other. It does not allow you to generate the required power to perform various yoga asanas. Hence, you might get out of breath without any oxygen left in the tank.

Comparing Yourself With Others

Human beings have the tendency to compare themselves with others. Although this could be inspiring or healthy to feel competitive. However, comparing yourself with others is not healthy in the long run. It could lead to demotivation or depression.

Looking For Perfection

Putting in too much effort in perfecting your yoga poses might halt your progress. The reason could be that you are spending too much energy in perfecting the physical stances rather than understanding their deeper meaning. Furthermore, perfection could also lead to ego or a feeling of superiority. Hence, only looking for perfection could be a barrier to your path towards enlightenment.

Not Engaging Required Muscles

Not every yoga pose requires a soft belly. Some demand a tighter core for the successful completion of the yoga poses. However, plenty of yoga practitioners commit this simple yoga mistake of keeping their belly soft. It could lead to an upset stomach or stretch the internal lining of your stomach. So, to stay safe, know when to engage your muscles and when to let them loose.

Being Inconsistent

Numerous yoga practitioners suddenly start practicing yoga. However, they remain inconsistent. This never allows them to turn it into a lifestyle. Therefore, being inconsistent with your yoga practice could be a major yoga mistake you might be committing. Hence, make sure you get rid of it as soon as possible to reap maximum benefits from your practice. So, whether you are practicing beginner yoga for sciatica or yoga for weight loss, you won’t have any tangible results if you stay inconsistent.

Not Communicating

Some yoga practitioners join a yoga class but never took out time to greet all their classmates. That is some serious yoga mistake you should avoid. Moreover, not communicating with your teacher or inmates will not help you grow or move out of your comfort zone.

Skipping Corpse Pose

One of the most common and highly destructive yoga mistakes is avoiding the Corpse pose. Yoga practitioners think of it as some non-beneficial yoga pose. However, they completely overlook the advantages of practicing the Corpse pose. Hence, you should avoid this mistake and regularly practice the Corpse pose.

Wrap Up

Yoga is a sacred art that brings you close to your inner being. However, committing all the above-mentioned yoga mistakes might take longer to have a healthy life. In case you want to have a deeper insight into the yoga world, you should join a 500 hour YTT course. This will help your perfect your yoga practice and become a yoga master in no time.