What Are the New Features of Windows 11?

As soon as the news of Windows 11 was released, it was running like fire amongst the PC users. In case you are not aware of beta builds or new features of Windows 11 along with the Windows 11 changes, this blog is meant for you. Although the exact date of Windows 11 launch is unknown, Microsoft has confirmed that the show is happening somewhere before the end of this year. 

Let’s explore the new features of Windows 11 one by one.

System Requirements

If you wish to install Windows 11 on your computer, you need to have a processor that has two or more cores with clock speed of at least 1Ghz. You also need to have a RAM of at least 4GB with storage capacity of about 64GB. 

Exciting Features of Windows 11

  1. Talking about the new design, it seems like there will be something very different and exciting coming out. This operating system has newly designed themes and icons with very soft visuals. There will be rounded corners on Windows 11 unlike sharp ones and it is also seen in android and iOS.
  2. The Start menu has whole new features stacked within. Now you will find it in the center of the screen so that users feel freshness and its ease of use. It even now uses cloud and Microsoft 365 so that users can connect through multiple devices easily.
  3. Snap Layouts, Snap Groups and Desktop are another set of features that are provided to optimize your screen layout effectively. One can now multitask their job where screens are dedicated for simultaneous work at the same time.
  4. You can also see new widgets and graphical apps making space in Windows 11 so that you can quickly access apps like weather, latest news, trends, stock market, etc. in one go. Such widgets can come easily through the taskbar and one doesn’t need to rush here and there to search the folders.
  5. The biggest and most important is integration of Microsoft Team in Windows 11 and it can now be accessed through taskbar easily. Those who are working from home and will be continuing with the same will find this feature very useful.

Apart from the highlights mentioned above, there are some more features that we would like to elaborate and highlight.

Support For Android Apps

Android apps are coming to Windows for the first time. People will now be able to download Android apps through the Amazon app store on their Windows computer. Moreover, one can now add Disney+, Tiktok, Zoom and native apps like Paint, Visual Studio and Notepad to the Windows 11 store.

Gaming Features

PC gamers will now experience another upgrade with Windows 11 new features. There is a good support to Direct X Ultimate so that there are deep and immersive graphics at a good frame rate. There is also Auto HDR support which allows expansive colors and much better visual experience at the same time. There is a chance for faster loading time and assets will be loading at a much faster speed.

Moreover, Windows 11 is also bringing those features which are found in Xbox consoles so that the gaming experience is taken up on a unique level.

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What If Your Computer Isn’t Compatible for Windows 11?

Even if your computer is lacking ways to connect with Windows 11, you can try manually downloading the unsupported version of OS. Although you can try this method, you won’t be able to find updates from Microsoft.

Will Windows 11 Be Free?

If you have Windows 10 already installed, you don’t need to pay for the new version and the upgrade will be automatically made. 

Wrap Up

So we hope that you liked every bit of new features and changes offered by Windows 11 already. The best part is that Windows 11 has got everything a user needs. Whether you are a gamer or someone who loves to read news in between working hours, you can enjoy it all with an easy swift and ease. Moreover, you will be able to see the upgraded version of Windows 11 and its features by itself. The new feature of its android compatibility is just amazing as Windows 11 people can now download all the android apps even on their laptop and desktop.

The mac like feature is commendable as the feel of Windows layout is going to be unique and different. Moreover, a better way to multitask is noteworthy again. So, are you also excited to download Windows 11 on your computer and enjoy a whole new level of operating system? We hope you are waiting for the same. If yes, share your views with us in the comments below. 

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