What’s new in Windows 11 and Complete Overview of Windows 11

Did you know, Microsoft recently announced the release date of Windows 11? After six years of a wait since Windows 10 was released, there is a new update!

You may be curious about the additions and updates in Windows 11. This article will provide you with the most accurate information about the features, specifications, and releasing date of Windows 11. Before going further, you must know what Windows 11 is.

What is Windows 11? 

Windows 11 is the latest version of the Microsoft operating system in desktops, tablets, and laptops. An operating system indicates the system that manages hardware and software resources in the device and delivers an exceptional experience to users. Windows 11 is designed to provide users with the best interface and features.

New Features in Windows 11

With updating the system, some bestseller additions are also made to the Windows operating system for improvement. There are most exciting new features of Windows 11 than existing versions:

  1. A new design and MAC like interface 

Windows 11 features are simple and cleanly designed. The taskbar and start button have been redesigned to make it easy for you. There are lots to pick from, like the weather, Bing maps, and more. These will be available for third parties too, as they are on MAC iOS. Also, the taskbar also resembles a MAC dock.

  1. Android apps and Microsoft Store

In Windows 11, Android apps will also be coming. Windows 11 redesigned the Microsoft Store, which will host a variety of android apps. This will access users to many new apps and software using Store. One of the most likely fresh features in Windows 11 is that the Android apps can be installed using the Amazon Appstore. You can install all your favorite mobile apps directly from your desktop!

  1. Widgets 

In Windows 10, Microsoft experimented with widgets. However, it didn’t go very well. Now in the new Windows 11, you will have access to important information right at your fingerprint. Previews show weather, calendar, to-do list, and mail. This can increase efficiency as you can view all important information quickly in one place.

  1. Gaming 

Gaming is the center focus in Windows 11, as in previous Windows have slow and frustrating Xbox apps which are now replaced by new Game Pass apps. This app will allow you to download games easily.

 DirectX 12 Ultimate and AutoHDR will improve the graphics of games on your PC. Direct Storage is also here to easily download your game and play the game faster than before.

  1. Microsoft Teams integration

In Windows 11, Microsoft makes it easy for you to connect with your professional contacts. It integrates the Chat app from Microsoft Teams into the start bar. It will allow you to chat, video call, or voice call with all your contacts in Teams despite the device you are using. You can message your friends on Android or iOS right from your desktop.  

  1. Touch and Tablet improvements

Microsoft has been trying its hand at tablets for 10 years. Microsoft tried to make Windows touch-friendly in Windows 8 but it was a failure as features were poorly designed. However, in Windows 11, Microsoft has released its own touch-enabled hardware like Apple. It is making major improvements in new Windows that include multi-touch, smooth performance, and better haptics. The touch keyboard is also redesigned to allow use with thumb and emojis ready to be used.

  1. Security and Privacy 

Microsoft has created TPM 2.0 to provide strong protection against viruses and harmful software. TPM provides hardware and security-related functions.

Privacy is a key selling point in Apple. In Windows 11, Microsoft is quite confident about the privacy features including keylogging and location tracking.

When can you download Windows 11?

Microsoft has announced that Windows 11 will launch on 5th October 2021. Windows 11 is now available as an early preview for Windows 10 users, but it will be available soon for all users. Windows 11 will be free for Windows 10 users for the update. If you are looking to switch from a different OS to Windows, you can buy a laptop compatible with Windows 11 or install the OS.

Hardware requirements for Windows 11:

Windows 11 will only operate smoothly on the equipment that meets the specific requirements. 

  • Your PC requires a 1 GHz or faster processor with cores on a 64-bit processor.
  • RAM must be 4GB.
  • Storage must be 64 GB or more.
  • UEFI and Secure Boot Capable system firmware.
  • 720 Display greater than 9″ diagonally. 

Microsoft has released the compatibility check tool to determine if your PC meets minimum requirements for new Windows.

Unlike earlier Windows, Windows 11 is not a huge overhaul of the existing version, it is coming with new improved features than Windows 10.