Android or iOS?- The Best Platform for Your Business Mobile App

Have you finally come to the conclusion that developing a business app will take your enterprise solutions to new heights? Well, now you have come to the right decision to become an elite part of the app world with your result-oriented, feature-rich, and intuitive business application.

So, to hit the road to developing your app with aid of a reliable mobile app development company, first decide the platform. Will it be Android or iOS? Which one to go first? That’s a really imperative factor to decide which platform of business app you should go with.

No matter, if you have looked upon the below stats:

* Android’s Google Play Store features 3.48 million apps.

* iOS App Store features 2.22 million apps.

Despite the above numbers, still, it depends on your business objective, audience, monetization, budget, and project timeline to decide the best platform.

Thus, here, we will be focussing on key points to consider and choose an ideal app development platform for business apps.

1. Decide your Target Audience First

It is a relevant consideration for business owners before creating an interactive app. Which is the targeted zone of your business audience? Undoubtedly, Android covers a large part of the world including Latin America, Africa, and Asia. And, iOS apps are confined to the regions of Western Europe and North America. Still, there must be a reason to pick your targeted audience demographic region for selecting the best app platform.

For your reference, if you are targeting global demographic regions for your app, then Android is the best choice. Moreover, a majority of users like to explore free features on an app. If your business app falls into that category, then also Android platform is the one to go for.

2. How Much Time Does it Take to Develop an App?

Another major factor to consider is the app development timeline. How soon do you want the business app launched on the marketplace? Do you have any specific timeline? Do you want to launch the app on a special occasion in a few days?

First, get relevant answers to the above questions based on your requirement. After that, decide on the mobile app development platform.

In reality, several features to be added to an app also matter to decide the timeline. Android has an extensive app developer’s base and they need less time to develop an app. On the other side, iOS developers are limited to the extent of taking slightly more time in developing for an elite audience.

3. What Sort of Features Do you Like to Add?

It is imperative to decide by this approach of adding customized features to your business app.

Android is much more flexible as compared to iOS when it comes to adding a customized range of features. It is because Android is an open-source platform and developers find an easy way out to add relevant features as per your requirements.

On the other side, the iOS platform requires much hard work and time-taking efforts to add the required set of features. Moreover, the cost of developing an app on iOS is always higher as compared to Android.

4. Consider the App Development Budget

It has already been mentioned above that developing a business app on Android is much cheaper than iOS. In fact, it is 30-40% much more cost-effective to develop a rich-featured Android app.

What is important to know is why there is such a big difference between the two. The first reason is Android being an open-source platform, easily accessed by developers. Secondly, there is an extensive range of Android app developers available with rich skills and knowledge.

If we compare this to iOS, then it will be slightly costly, time-taking, and requires an extended set of efforts.

5. Flexibility

When it comes to scalability and flexibility, the Android platform always surpasses iOS. The reason behind this is the extensive reach of the platform, especially across multiple brands like Samsung, LG, Panasonic, and more. Additionally, Android developers are more numerous than iOS, that are ready to build customized apps in the shortest possible time.

6. Check the Business App Compatibility

Another important consideration to make is the application compatibility with other devices. Of course, your app audience is not confined to the limit of a single device only. It must be segregated based on different brands of smartphones to access your app. So, in this matter, Android again comes a point above iOS. As you know, Android runs seamlessly on multiple ranges of devices as per different versions. So, it will be an added advantage for businesses to create an app that runs across a majority of devices at a less cost.

Concluding Thoughts

From the above discussion, it is clearly evident that the consideration goes more towards the Android app platform. Thus, build a feature-rich application targeting a huge audience with easy compatibility and less time to market advantage. Get in touch with a pioneer Android app development company, OrangeMantra to discuss your requirements.