Scope of BA LLB in India

LLB is an abbreviation for Bachelor of Legislative Law, where BA, LLB is a professional integrated degree program of arts and law. The five-year degree program can equip the students with a comprehensive understanding of arts and legal studies. A well-designed BA, LLB course aims at creating legal and techno legal professionals who have expertise in energy, cyber law, and corporate law. It is among the most sought-after courses among graduates who aspire to launch their careers in the legal industry. Opting for a BA, LLB course could be a wise decision as the demand for legal professionals is at a constant surge. 

If you are an individual seeking a BA LLB admission, then this article is at your rescue. The legal industry in India is booming, leading to numerous job opportunities for BA LLB graduates. In India, top universities offer a BA LLB course with a well-designed course that can provide you with expertise in core concepts of the legal fields and specialist knowledge of the chosen specialisation.

During the program, the students can choose from the various specialisations of the legal department. The subjects covered under the arts are history, sociology, and political science combined with legal studies. This discipline can provide you with an in-depth understanding of the particular department. The BA LLB program’s course curriculum provides the core modules of legal concepts and focuses on other domains with a wide range of specialisations. Below are some of the popular specialisations widely opted by the BA LLB students:

  • Criminal Law
  • Corporate Law
  • International Trade and Investment Law
  • Banking, Finance, and Insurance Law
  • Forensic Science and Law
  • Labour Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Media and Entertainment Law

The graduates are offered lucrative career opportunities and ample chances to top grow limitlessly. These are some of the most popular career paths after completing a BA LLB course. Some of the job positions that you can take up are following:

  • Legal Advisor
  • Advocate/Lawyer
  • Law writer
  • Legal Manager
  • Attorney General
  • Legal Office Manager
  • Tax Counsel
  • Corporate Lawyer
  • Legal Associate
  • Legal Consultant

The legal field has undergone numerous changes over time and is no more restricted to law practices as a part of the court. Instead, the legal field plays a very vital role in IT firms, law agencies, corporate companies, administrative services, and corporate houses. This expanded the legal industry’s horizon, which resulted in numerous job opportunities that increased the demand for qualified and skilled professionals. Hence, the BA LLB course can be your gateway towards an industry-aligned and futuristic career in India. 

After completing the academic course, the students can start to practice in court to obtain a license to practice in any court in India. The scope of doing a BA LLB in India is immense because every public and private sector can offer employment opportunities to graduates of the legal field. Sign in now to start your career in the legal areas that can provide you with remunerative career paths!