What are the care advancements after a diploma in law?

Lobbying one of the most prestigious professional sector, calls for way more dedication educationally than any other career path.

If you are sure about pursuing a career in law, the very first step was the fulfilment of your dream would be to enrol yourself or part-time courses in Singapore.

When in Singapore, you will be able to apply the degree learning outcomes to any legal practice thriving in the current business market.

Read on to find out the employment opportunities that law diplomas can let you get your hands on.


You can find employment in a variety of legal organisations as a solicitor with practices ranging over family, criminal, business and probate law.

You can also choose to be self-employed or take up legal positions within the government sector, such as the prosecution services of our armed forces.


These professionals typically engage in alternate dispute resolution to resolve disputes outside the courts, as well as across international borders.

You will primarily engage in matters related to finance or property, contractual commercial disputes, and international or cross-border commercial disagreements.


The supporting roles to barrister’s and solicitors are typically taken up by paralegals who can work both in the public and private sectors.

They are expected to possess the ability to do multi-task within the office administration and participate in the development of strategy clauses.

Forensic computer analysts

This legal position deals with computer-related crimes such as fraud, online scams, and hacking.

As an expert, you must be able to conduct investigations on a wide range of data stored on flash drives, tablets, mobile phones, and the cloud.

Licenced conveyancer

These experts work on behalf of their clients selling or buying properties such as business premises, land, and flats or houses.

Besides dealing with queries related to property transactions, you must also be efficient at handling legal matters, finance, and administration.


You can become a journalist by venturing outside the law firm, just by having a lower diploma under the belt.

In this profession, you can leverage professional skills including excellent communication, both in terms of writing and speaking, as well as attention to detail.

Human resources officers

As a law graduate, human resources are one of the top departments where you can effectively use the knowledge gained during the diploma course to advise on and implement policies related to the staff of an organisation.

As in his head officer you are expected to keep your focus on enhancing the performance of all the employees to achieve the company’s business goals.

Undergoing a diploma in law will allow you to acquire the skill sets appropriate to take up a position as a lawyer.

Remember, the law being a diverse career opportunity allows you to choose other career opportunities outside the above-mentioned list.

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