The Difference Between UX & UI Designers

Ui and Ux are two terms that are well known in the world of website and app development. Though these both terms are used interchangeably, they have completely different purposes. There are many differences in the job roles of UI and UX designers as well.

Both have different roles in product development as well as in the actual design process.  However, since the nature of the job is somewhat similar, a lot of people tend to confuse User interface experts with user Experience experts.

According to Rahul Varshney, Co-creator of,”User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are some of the most confused and misused terms in our field. A UI without UX is like a painter splashing paint on canvas without thinking, whereas UX without UI is like a sculpture frame without paper mache. The user experience (UX) comes first, followed by the user interface (UI).Both are essential for the product’s success.”

In this article, we are going to talk about the basic differences between UI UX design services, and how the job of a UI developer and UX developer differ from one another.

Read down below to find out.

What is UX Development? 

User Experience (UX) Development is the process of ensuring that the website visitor has a pleasant experience upon using it. Ensuring a good user experience helps businesses reach their objectives and goals easily. User experience designers are responsible for designing the skeleton of the website.

Unlike UI interface development, User experience development does not involve designing visual elements for the website/app. It is more inclined towards transforming creative software design ideas into reality using front end technology.

What is UI Development? 

User Interface development (UX) refers to the activity of making a website attractive, engaging, and visually appealing for users. Or in other words, it helps ensure that the visitors of a website have a pleasant experience when they use it.

The goal of UX development is to allow users to interact with the website in the easiest and most effective way The user interface of a website is made up of many components such as icons, pages, buttons, menus, and other visual elements.

Key Responsibilities of UX Designer

Let’s have a look at some of the key responsibilities of user experience designers

  • They wireframe the website and lay down its basic structure
  • They study the business and map out the structure according to the requirements of the business
  • They conduct usability testing
  • They create prototypes and develop usage scenarios

When it comes to creating a website with UX in mind, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • User research should be the first step in the design process
  • Design should focus on user experience
  • Include a prototyping stage for the design phase for digital products 
  • Avoid dummy placeholders and  Lorem Ipsum; try to use real content in the design process
  • Ensure that the product holds as minimum errors as possible

Key Responsibilities of UI Designer

The key responsibilities of user interface designers include:

  • They design and upload the visual elements of a website such as logos, images, banners, color themes. 
  • They design a visual plan to instruct users on how to navigate the website from one place to another
  • They are responsible to make the website as engaging and usable as possible

When it comes to creating a website with UX in mind, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Let’s have a look at some best practices for UI development

  • Select a design that is not just attractive for the users, but also benefits the organization somehow
  • Form a basic brand color theme that would be followed by all the designs 
  • Make sure that the theme is eye-catching, yet does not overpower the overall content of the website
  • Make sure the design is simple, understandable, and usable
  • To ensure the best results do usability testing during the website design process

UX vs. UI

Since UI and UX go hand in hand, comparing them is like comparing apple and oranges. Take the example of a brain with the right side representing analytical capabilities and the left one representing design and creativity, this way, the right one would be UX and the left one would be UI respectively.

Also, both UI and UX are pretty much useless without the other. Why? Because, users won’t be interested in using a website that has an amazing design but does not offer ease of use, and good functionality. Likewise, a website that is highly-functional but very plain and boring to use, wouldn’t attract enough attention of the users to be tried out.

Hence, it is important that both; UI and Ux are paid equal importance when it comes to website or app development.

How can some get started as a UI or UX designer?

The very first thing that one needs to consider while getting into this field is whether they would be more interested in working as a UI developer or a UX developer. To start off, one needs to have an interest in the general field. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that people who have a computer and art background have a natural advantage. However, background is not necessary as designers can also learn through proper training.

You need to know which field would work better for you. A lot of people know the basics of both, but specialize in only one; which is better since both roles involve different processes and tools. 

UI and UX designer roles don’t necessarily require a degree, but it is still better that you have an educational background related to the job. However, if you don’t have one, you can always opt to get online training.


If you are looking for a career path in this industry, then it’s essential that you study the differences between both job roles properly. There are many online courses and tutorials that can help you along the path, and help you increase your knowledge regarding both fields.