What If You as a Student Procrastinate Every Time?

Procrastination is nothing but the continuous delay of work. In other words, putting off work time and again is called procrastination. Students are the easiest victims of the act. Moreover, since today’s student is the future policymaker, procrastination contributes to the killing success rate of our future economy.


Therefore, we cannot risk our future by procrastination. Moreover, today we are here to bust the myth that distance education promotes procrastination. So retail the end for a clearer idea.

Is It Normal to Procrastinate?

The simple answer to this question is — yes. Procrastination is normal and very evident in today’s scenario. We usually procrastinate and delay work that we find difficult to complete or too boring to continue. For a detailed explanation, it would be best to read along till the end.

Why Do You Always Procrastinate?

Studies have shown that procrastination is a result of various factors. Perfectionism, fear of failing to complete, and zero motivation are some of the reasons for procrastination.

Moreover, there are high chances of procrastination taking place when you feel that the project is not important or relevant enough, and worthy of your energy.

Does Distance Education Promote Procrastination?

It is a matter of huge concern that distance education contributes to and promotes procrastination. However, we must tell you that distance education never promotes procrastination in the attendees.

Moreover, the program was launched aiming at students who could not complete their education because of various other responsibilities.

Hence, we have noticed that people who are highly dedicated to their studies enroll in Distance education courses. And the determined youth will never procrastinate and kill their success. 

Do Students Procrastinate More In Online Learning?

There are various kinds of students with different studying styles. Therefore, in online learning and the lack of interactive activities, students tend to procrastinate initially.

However, it can be reversed with a good learning environment, interactive sessions in classes and fun activities at distance education universities. 

What Are The Disadvantages Of Distance Education?

Everything in this world has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, distance education courses have some shortcomings that need to be said. They are a lack of teacher-student connection, lack of motivation because of the absence of physical classrooms. Moreover, less to no student accountability because you have to study on your own.

However, we can reverse it with proper care and the determined attitude of the student.

How Does Procrastination Kill Your Success?

Procrastination contributes drastically to halting your success. Here are a few effects of procrastination on your future:

  • Low self-confidence
  • Not meeting deadlines
  • Wasting your precious currency- time
  • Higher risk of developing various diseases

Delaying your tasks can prove to be very stressful as the deadline comes near. Moreover, a stressful environment is a big no-no for our health. 

What Are The Ways To Beat Procrastination In Distance Education?

You will find various ways online that will help you beat procrastination while pursuing distance education courses. Moreover, we will provide you with a list of things that you can do to beat procrastination.

  • Break your larger tasks into small tasks

While learning from a distance, you have to study by yourself. Therefore, breaking big tasks into smaller ones can contribute to your productivity dramatically.

  • Get a clear idea of your aim.

Whenever you feel like procrastinating, you should always look at your goal and remind yourself of your aims and ambitions time and again. 

While working full-time, you should never forget your goal to achieve your education. 

  • Do not compromise on your sleep

Do not compromise on your health and sleep because they are your number one asset.


Lastly, we say that procrastination kills your success drastically so, do not let any destruction come in your way of distance education. Moreover, Distance education universities help you achieve your dream degree with their Distance education courses. Therefore, do not let this chance of excellent education slip.