SMS API – New Way to connect with your customers

An Application Programming Interface (API) software communicates between different types of programs. An SMS API allows you to use network providers’ short messaging service (SMS) facilities through an SMS Gateway. In simple words, it enables your web-based program to ask global telecommunication programs to send and receive an SMS on compatible devices.


You expand the efficacy of your program if you allow it to send and receive an SMS. The following are a few such improvements that you can implement using an SMS API.

  1. Security:

A user’s password can sometimes be insufficient to prove the validity of their request. Add a layer of authentication over it by using a One Time Password (OTP). Using this feature, you can authenticate transactions by sending verifiable security codes to the authorized user’s phone in real-time.

  1. Get the upper hand:

A recent survey conducted by a market intelligence company found that over 80% of customers would like to receive text alerts from businesses. However, only 20% of firms send such reminders. Alert a user when he logs into his account, makes a purchase, or has an upcoming appointment. Good customer service helps you gain an edge over your competitors.

  1. Stay Relevant: 

Humans forget new information within 72 hours of learning it. A sure-shot way of ensuring your customers don’t forget you is by sending them promotional texts. The chances are that more than half of your recipients will respond positively. Give your customers updates on sales, product availability, or key policy changes.

  1. Feedback:

You can gather valuable feedback through SMS-based surveys. Learn what’s on your customers’ minds by asking them to respond to concise surveys. 3 in 5 people want to be able to complain or compliment businesses over text.

  1. Improve customer service:

You can set up an automated chatbot which is available 24X7 hours. Provide your customers with immediate information in response to specific keywords. Nearly 2 out of 3 people liked it when their queries were acknowledged immediately.

  1. You can also collate all your received SMSs into an email account for easier access.


  • An API lets you automate the process of sending texts to multiple users at once. You can save significant amounts of time and resources.
  • With an API, you can verify if and when your messages were delivered to your customer’s device. If they take action based on it, you get essential insight into their preferences.
  • One of the most important pros of using an API is its flexibility. You can customize virtually any feature – decide who should receive which text and how. Further, you can choose whether you want to send bulk messages or customer-specific ones. With APIs, it is easier to make adjustments on the go as your business needs change with time.  
  • As APIs interact directly with SMS Gateway, they are swift and reliable. There is reduced scope for tampering – your data stays safe with you.
  • Using APIs allows you to seamlessly incorporate all functionality onto one easy-to-manage platform, with APIs taking care of all the inter-program communication behind the scenes.  

In conclusionUsing an SMS API is a proven way to enhance customer engagement. It ensures that you use your time, money, and resources optimally to yield the best results. Talk to your web programming expert to see what services would add the most value to your business.