Benefits of Consulting Medical Tourism Consultant

In recent times, the idea of medical tourism is gaining a lot of momentum. People from all over the world don the hat of a tourist and cross borders looking for quality and reasonably priced medical treatment. Tourists avail themselves of a range of medical treatments including, but not limited to fertility treatments, dental work, elective surgeries, and cosmetic surgeries. Today, it is easy to seek medical advice from a doctor in another country, thanks to the advances in information and communication technology. Medical tourism in India is thriving and most patients turn to India for treatment because the country offers high quality of service, the latest medical equipment, and the portability of medical insurance. 

Another reason why patients come to India for medical aid is the ease of access – flights to India are affordable and easily available. The cost for medical treatments is much lower as compared to developed countries; hence so many tourists choose to travel outside of their home country to get medical attention for a fraction of the cost. 

If you are seeking medical treatment in India, contact Mediflam Private Limited, we provide the best packages and deals. Mediflam has a panel of the best doctors and the best medical facilities from all over the country to cater to all the treatment needs of patients. Mediflam provides the best medical care to its clients. Here are some of the other reasons why you should choose our Medical Tourism Consultants:  

Better Medical Consultation

Medical Consultants are the facilitators between the patient and the hospital, they look after the whole process from the beginning to the end – visa, itinerary, travel, stay, consultations with the doctor, discharge from the hospital, and the formalities for all of these. After understanding the patient’s needs and requirements, our Medical Consultants will zero in on the right doctor and medical facility. With the help of our Medical Consultants, the tourists will have better connectivity with the destination, and ease of access to the medical services. Medical consultation is the first point of contact for the patients and can play a vital role in the overall experience. 

Follow-up of chronic diseases

Chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart conditions can cause a lot of difficult emotions and it can become a lonely battle for those suffering from it. Those who are treating the patients, doctors and nurses can act as advocates. Especially doctors can make the healing journey for patients easier by teaching them how to manage and monitor chronic diseases. This advocacy often ends once the treatment is over, but it need not happen this way. Follow-up of chronic diseases can be as crucial as the treatment itself. Some components of post-treatment care are disease management and education, tracking of the condition, regular post-treatment appointments, medication adherence, and psychological care. 

Hospitalization and follow-up

Same as a follow-up in chronic diseases, a long-term relationship with patients is crucial for complete recovery in all kinds of diseases and their treatments. Follow-up care can include regular medical checkups, blood tests, imaging tests, etc. Monthly or annual follow-ups might be required in some cases; the form and frequency of these follow-ups are totally dependent on the medical condition. There are two main benefits of follow-up care. First, It keeps the patients healthier and results in positive outcomes. Secondly, this could reduce the chances of hospital readmissions. Follow-ups can catch complications early and keep growing issues in check. Follow-ups are instrumental in making sure the patient is healthy and in keeping them out of the hospitals once their treatment is over. 

Emergency care services

The Emergency Medical Services available in India has expanded exponentially and geographically. They have also started covering all emergencies and become pan-India. These emergency care services are coming up as one of the central components of the Indian healthcare system. They impact the lives of millions of people living in India by providing free universal access to pre-hospital care. 

Indian Emergency Medical Services have moved beyond the national borders into the neighboring states. Many international organizations and manufacturers have formed ties with emergency care providers in India. Emergency medical services include ambulatory services, transporting the patients to and from medical sites, and acute medical care or first aid. In many critical cases, it’s not possible for patients to wait and they require immediate attention. Patients, living outside India, who have opted for medical care in India are given priority and provided with immediate medical attention. 

Hassle-free consultation and follow-ups 

The doctors in India are experts in their respective fields and they are dedicated to providing world-class care to their patients. English is the primary language that is used for the majority of communication in India and this factor can prove to be a boon to medical tourists who are coming to India seeking treatment. Thanks to technology, patients no longer have to wait in long lines at a doctor’s clinic just for a follow-up. Our system wants to provide the patients with the best quality medical care along with convenience and comfort. Present times are allowing us to reinvent the traditional doctor-patient relationship and in this day and age, it is possible to have virtual follow-ups and take optimal care of your health. 

If not handled properly, it can be tricky to travel to a new country for medical care. The patient can be in a very vulnerable state, and it is necessary to provide all possible assistance to them for a stress-free journey towards better health. At Mediflam, you will get the best Medical Consultation, the right fit of the doctor and medical facilities, follow-ups as required, and a completely hassle-free process from the beginning to the end. 

The team at Mediflam is experts in medical tourism in India. Get in touch with our Medical Consultant today and get the best medical care from Mediflam Private Limited. Our customer care number is +91 82006 37521 and our email address is For more information, please visit 

Author Bio 

Mr Viral Kotecha received the M.Pharm degree in the year 2012 from Manipal University. As a pharmacist he strives to give comfort and care to his patients. He is a very well seasoned team player who keeps patients’ wellness on first priority and goes above and beyond by giving Pharmacological information to multidisciplinary health care team. His experience of Working with Team Mediflam has helped him to easily navigate the Medical Sector. And he is now looking forward to planning and fulfilling the long-term and short-term goals at Mediflam.