How Can You Fix a Broken Key by Yourself or From Locksmith in Dubai?

Breaking of keys is indeed a usual thing. So, if your keys regularly fail for reasons, be assured that you’re not the only one suffering from this issue. Locksmith in Dubai receives calls daily, at a minimum, because of a damaged or broken key. Before we decide what to do in this type of scenario, it is important to understand the reasons keys break. In this way, you’ll be aware of how to stop them from occurring again later on. If you’re running late,the first thing you’ll want to worry about is a damaged key.

Reasons For Breaking of Keys

Here are a few reasons keys can snap in two parts:

  • Insufficient Lubrication

Dryness and rustiness do not indicate a key that is in good condition. A properly lubricated key will place less stress on the keys, especially when they are inserted into the hole. The more force you apply to the keys, will increase the risk to break the key.

  • Improper Use

Do you find yourself using keys to break the lid off a container? Perhaps you’ve also cut through plastic packaging using your keys. Some people believe that their keys are part of their multi-purpose tool collection; they’re not. Keys only serve to lock and unlock your door. While we’re doing that, please do not use the keys to hold the door to close it. A few people place the key through the hole and then push the door toward them. This will result in breaking the key in the very near future.

  • Incompatibility

Have you attempted to insert the keyhole without checking? If you think you’re making time, consider changing your mind. You will likely repeat the procedure, only this time, you’ll have to search. You must not be fumbling through your purse or pocket looking for the wrong keys. You will save time and energy by ensuring you’ve got the correct one at the beginning. After that, slowly but steadily move the lock. If it fails to turn, don’t press it. Make sure you check and make sure you hold the right key in your hands.

  • Old Key

As with all other items, keys come with an expiration date too. Although it may not be mentioned, they do become weaker with time. They are not built to last an entire lifetime, especially if you do not properly use them. If your keys are worn out, they are the right time to purchase a new set. Things to watch out for include cracks, as well as other kinds of damage. Dubai locksmith can help you obtain a new key, which means you don’t have to replace your locks.

How to Fix a Broken Key

It is different from common keys for houses and car keys when it comes to determining ways to repair your keys. It is often harder to repair damaged keys for cars than to repair the typical house keys. It is crucial to distinguish between the methods to repair broken keys for cars and more general guidelines about repairing them.

  • Key Broken in The Lock

Many people wish to repair keys that break into two. It is hoped that once you take the damaged keys from the locks, there’s an opportunity to connect the two pieces. In the strictest sense, this isn’t difficult, but it’s not the right solution to repair a broken key. There is no solution to repair the broken key in half to ensure it is functional and not at risk of breaking again in the same location after just a few uses. It would help if you took the broken key to a Locksmith in Dubai or your hardware store. Bringing both sides of the keys will solve the issue by creating an entirely new key.

  • Broken Bow Cover

It is improbable that the key in your home will come with a bow cover, and even if the cover breaks, it is unlikely to impact the key. Keys with holes in them will likely get punched through the iron. If the metal is damaged, it is possible to replace the broken bow with a bow cover to prevent the key from falling out of the hole.

To repair broken keys for cars with damaged hard shells,You can use parts of the old shell or an entirely new key blank and change chips for transponders. You’ll either have to cut the blade on the car key or pick an older key that functions on the car. The hard shells can be closed and opened in contrast to the soft bow covers made of plastic, and you can break the broken one out and get insides. Open the new shell and swap the internals.

  • Dead Battery

If you run out of battery, you can fix the broken vehicle key with a new battery. The only problem with fixing damaged car keys in this manner is that you’ll require the replacement of a battery. Since your car’s key isn’t working, likely, you will not be able to go anywhere to find the replacement battery for your key fob. It’s not likely that you’ll find spare batteries unless you’ve taken the initiative to buy them ahead of time. The batteries on key fobs the non-standard disk type. The specific type you require will probably depend on the brand and model of the car key.


If you understand why your key is damaged and the type of key you’re trying to repair, then you will be able to determine the source of your problem. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to repair damaged keys to your vehicle or repair keys of all kinds. There’s an answer to your issue. Most likely, it’s not the simple solution you’re seeking. However, that’s not the same as finding the solution. An alternative to your broken key is to get the key you need that is working in the present and will continue to work for the foreseeable future. If you have more specific issues, contact the locksmith in Dubai.