How Much Is Couples Counselling in Perth, WA?

Are you and your partner experiencing relationship problems? Getting professional help from an experienced, trained couple’s counsellor can help you build and maintain a healthy relationship.

However, the thought of seeking help might seem daunting, with some people apprehensive about undertaking the process due to costs. In this post, we will take a closer look at couples counselling in Perth, WA, analysing how much it costs.

Couples Counselling

Professional couples counselling in Perth, WA, can help you and your partner resolve your differences, communicate better, and express your needs more effectively. The process aims to help you determine what you need to achieve a lasting, stable, and healthy relationship.

Benefits of Couples Counselling

●Helps you learn how to resolve communication issues

●Enables you to attain a deeper understanding of your partner and yourself

●Allows you to achieve greater physical and emotional intimacy

●Reinvigorates emotional connections

●Helps you learn healthy ways of resolving issues

How Much Does Couples Therapy Cost?

Depending on the therapist you choose, the couples or marriage counselling cost might be the same as individual therapy. In other cases, the cost might be higher, depending on the length of the therapy sessions.

While most sessions last about an hour, a therapist might recommend a longer session to allow you and your partner enough time to express yourselves. In such a case, you might have to pay an increased fee.

The cost of your couples counselling could also depend on the therapist’s training, experience, and demand. Additionally, counsellors in private practice tend to charge more than community-based centres.

Do Counsellors Take Insurance?

Even if your insurance covers counselling, not all counsellors will accept it. As such, you should find out the payment options your therapist offers before scheduling your session.

If they do accept insurance, ensure that they take your insurance. You should also ask if they will bill your carrier or if you are responsible for payment.

Choosing Your Couples Counsellor

As crucial as cost is, it should not be the only factor when choosing your counsellor. It might be beneficial to pay more if doing so gets you a counsellor with whom you and your partner are comfortable.

Besides requesting the therapist’s fee, you should also check whether they are good at helping couples resolve situations similar to the one you and your partner are facing. Consider asking them about their expertise and what percentage of their practice deals with couples cases.

Alternatively, you could consider asking people you know for recommendations. One of the best ways to find an ideal match is to get a few referrals from friends and family you know and trust.

Preparing for Your First Couples Counselling Session

While every couple desires to have a great relationship, several problems and conflicts could affect your ability to achieve this desire. Fortunately, turning to couples counselling in Perth, WA, can allow you to receive the guidance needed to attain and maintain a healthy relationship.

As beneficial as couples counselling is, many find their first couples therapy session daunting. However, there are a few steps you can take to prepare for your first couples counselling session.

Couples Counselling Tips

Ensure You’re Both Committed

Understandably, there are several reasons why some are opposed to the idea of counselling. For starters, there is still a stigma around going for therapy, which could make you or your partner less enthusiastic about the whole idea.

However, similar to how relationships require effort from both parties, you and your partner need to be committed to the counselling process. The more committed you both are, the higher the chance your counselling will be successful.

It would help to listen and address any concerns you or your partner might have before going in for your first session.

Keep an Open Mind

Many people have certain misconceptions about going to therapy, including:

●Couples counselling is all about deciding who’s right and who’s wrong

●The counselling is only meant for those on the brink of divorce

●Only ‘crazy’ people go to therapy

●You and your partner should be left to work things out on your own

Holding on to such misconceptions can be detrimental to the process. Try keeping an open mind, reminding yourselves that therapy is about learning, growth, and self-awareness.

Discuss Your Ideal Goals with Your Partner

Usually, when you opt for couples counselling in Perth, WA, there is something about your partner or yourself that is making you unhappy or unsatisfied.

However, since every relationship is different and has its unique struggles, it is crucial for you and your partner to sit down and discuss your problems and goals. Considering your goals ahead of time will go a long way in allowing you to make the most of your therapy sessions.

Are you unsure about the goals you should have? Try asking yourselves if you are struggling with:

●Healthy communication

●Financial stress


●Parenting disagreements

●Significant life transitions, like relocation or a new job

Think about what you want to achieve from your counselling sessions, writing some of these goals down. Remember to avoid blaming each other or pointing fingers during this process.

Speak to Friends and Family

While who you choose to tell about your couples counselling is up to you, it helps to have a support network that can help you recharge emotionally. Remember to establish clear boundaries and respect your partner’s privacy to avoid hindering healing and recovery.

Couples Counselling in Perth, WA

Opting for marriage counselling can help you and your spouse overcome the unique issues you are facing.While couples counselling in Perth, WA, can seem costly, it should not be the reason to avoid therapy. In many cases, the benefits the process offers greatly outweigh the initial costs.

At Energetics Institute, we are committed to providing mental health professionals ready to guide you through your relationship difficulties. Reach out to us on 0414 897024 to book your appointment and learn more about couples counselling in Perth, WA.

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