Top 4 Vector Tools to Edit Vector Files

Yes, different vector editors let you deal with vector illustration with the power of cloud computing. Even thanks to the digital era that provides you with different solutions like PNG to SVG converter to perform PNG file to vector SVG conversions with minimal efforts. Once you convert png to SVG, you can use it for any medium without compromising on quality.

 In this informative context, we listed a couple of the best vector tools that lets you proceed with vector graphic file editing at a great extent of level. Let’s commence with some basics!

Why Vector Graphics?

Vector graphics are mainly used for illustration and graphic design as they need to be enlarged and even is more stylized than a realistic one. Vector shapes ensure quality retention as they do not pixelate. Even the vector shape can be stretched without any degradation of quality. Also, an online PNG to SVG vector by lets you convert PNG to SVG image file for certain artwork quality concerns. 


It is referred to as the most stunning vector file application on the cloud. You can use it for drawing and editing vector image files. Even it lets you create art boards and mockups, and prototype designs as well. Bear in mind that it is a very lightweight medium for your browser memory and system resources, it allows you to proceed with multi-task with certain applications and browser windows. Moreover, thanks to different versions of PNG to SVG converter that specifically built to convert PNG to SVG vector graphic file according to different presets. 

Remember that Mockitt is an affordable UI/UX design and prototyping tool for your art-related work. 

Why Use:

  • Packed with comprehensive asset libraries that contains thousands of components from real-life UI interfaces that depend on iOS, Material Design, and much more
  • Provides you with different templates that assist you to get started and even give a stunning look to your vector designs
  • Explore the vector drawing and editing tools
  • Get a flowchart tool to create a better workflow or even assists you in drawing the logic of your prototypes
  • Fetch the wide array of transitions, effects, gestures, and animations to attain interactions

Besides that, sometimes you need to convert PNG to SVG vector graphic files for artboard concerns, this is where an online PNG to vector SVG converter plays a crucial role.


Vectr is one of the superb editor tools that are a little heavy, which means that it hogs up your browser memory quite a bit, especially when you’re working on complex projects. Remember that if you proceed with the auto-save feature turned on, you first have to register with this tool. The great about this tool is that you don’t have to pay a single penny, just proceed with your artwork in sequence for better results. It is indicated as a great medium for designers who aim to work with photos. Also, now you can convert PNG to SVG vector photos with the free use of an online PNG to SVG converter.

Why Use:

  • Explore the basic collection of vector drawing and vector editing tools
  • You can easily create multiple pages and reorder them corresponding to your preferences
  • Allow you to import images from other sources
  • Fetch sharing feature, also you can explore user guide and tutorials

Boxy SVG Editor:

This online vector editor is loaded with extensive features that are free for (Linux). Get a wide range of feature that works tremendously for experts, but still undeniably assist you. Boxy SVG is indicated at the right mix of both simplicity and complexity. The design of this tool entirely depends on the philosophy that your canvas is always the main focal point of any design tool.

There you even find the sidebar panels that help to control all the tools that you need for your artworks. And, whenever you want to convert PNG to SVG online without proceeding with daunting steps, then an online PNG to SVG converter is the great option for that.

Why Use:

  • Get both basic and advanced vector drawing tools including Arc, Bezier, freehand, shapes, text, and more
  • Explore the library of icons, photos, shape generators, color palette, and much more
  • You can be able to undo or redo your specific artwork actions
  • Work both online and offline (Mac, Linux)


Mainly Figma is known as a prototyping tool, but it also works efficiently as a vector graphics tool as it provides you with Pen Tool and Vector Networks. It is packed with the latter, which is referred to as a unique feature through which you can create independent vector lines that either be joined or remain separate. Also, Figma performs excellently to make the collaborative design as it allows you to share designs, comments, provides feedback, and much more. And, if your design concerns include preference to convert PNG to SVG vector image file, then no need to worry more like an online PNG to SVG converter does all for you in a matter of seconds.

Why Use:

  • Get the pen tool and vector networks tool that helps you in vector design creation and editing
  • Provides you with certain plugins for other design tools
  • Allow you to import images even including sketch files
  • You can now create interactive UI designs by using its prototyping tools
  • Fetch the design style option to make design systems and style guides as well
  • Explore the observation mode for presenting your prototypes