Make Slideshow Videos with Music and Pictures

Humans have a habit of collecting memories and presenting them to the world to see. Ever since the first men took a rock and painted caricatures on them in caves, all the way to scrapbooks and photo albums — we love to organize our memories in physical forms. A slideshow video takes this hobby to the next level. 

Whether you want to remember a memorable trip, crystallize a sudden wave of nostalgia, or collate memorabilia for someone special, a slideshow video is the best way to commemorate the beauty of moments spent. 

Want to learn how to make your first slideshow without any editing experience? Keep scrolling!

Introduction to Slideshow Videos

A slideshow is a sequenced assortment of photos, spiced up by suitable music, transitions, captions, and edits that build a visual presentation of your treasured memories. 

Slideshow videos are a step up from the mundanity of collages and mementos. You can add selected pictures, compile the entire album, and get a spectacular video to mark the special memories. Making a slideshow video can be overwhelming if you don’t have the right tool to work with. Let’s look at some of our options:

Best Tools to Make Slideshow Videos

  1. InVideo
  2. Animoto
  3. Adobe Spark

A 7-step Process of Creating Slideshow Videos

Now that you’ve got the photos and tools at hand, it’s time to play. The good news is, it’s elementary and fun to make a slideshow of all your beautiful pictures. Slideshow makers make it incredibly easy for you to get started. Here’s a quick 7-step process of creating the slideshow video of your dreams:

Get your photos in order

Organize your photos beforehand. You can go with a chronological assortment or lay them all out and create a rough storyboard. Getting the order right before moving to the editing tool will simplify the process and minimize mistakes. 

Choose a theme or template

If you’re going with any online slideshow maker tool, you will have a ton of templates and themes to choose from. There’s so much to play with, from cool tones to solid structure. Depending on the vibe of the video, you can pick one and further customize it as per your need. You can also start from scratch and create a bare palette for yourself. 

Upload your photos and pick a ratio

Upload the pre-assorted pictures and arrange them in the order you desire. You can decide the ratio of the slideshow based on its use case. If you are making a slideshow for personal use, you can use the simple 16:9 ratio, which is the best fit for a smartphone. If you’re making a slideshow for social media posts, you should pick the ‘Square’ ratio, as it is common with most platforms.

Customize the templates 

Customized templates are preset to deliver the most pleasing results in minutes. However, there is always an option to add your twist to the mix. These tools have tons of options that take your slideshow to the next level, from transitions to light effects. Get creative and customize the video per your need. From the color palette to image positioning, you can pick and pluck anything from the slide and personalize it per your wish.

Add context to images via text

A picture can certainly speak a thousand words, but sometimes you need a line or two to mark the memory for future viewing. With the help of a slideshow maker tool, you can drag and drop a text box anywhere in the slide and add much-needed text such as dates, names, and events to your photos.

Select library music or add voice over

Now that the visual assortment is done, you can proceed with the final touches of your slides with music. Pick the tune that tugs at your heartstrings or is apt to the content with a quick browse at unlimited music spread across genres. You can also add a personal message accompanying the pictures with a voice-over.

Save & store

Preview the slideshow, finalize the edits, and watch the magic unfold. Starting with an unruly collection of photos and ending with a professionally edited slideshow in just 7 steps is our definition of productive fun. 

3 Pro Tips For Creating The Best Slideshow Video

Now that you have mastered the art of slideshow making, we’d like to walk you through three tips that can fill the gaps in your process and make you a pro at making slideshows on the go:

  1. Build a narrative: It is imperative to arrange your slides cohesively to build a story. Your slides must maintain a steady progression of the record that many people can engage with.
  2. Keep clean transitions: Juxtaposing a warm-toned photo with a dull background or adding distinctive pictures back to back can be jarring to the eye. The aesthetics of your slideshow video should be cohesive and pleasing, as the photos we take aren’t always synchronized and can also be monotonous. 
  3. Mind the pacing: You can gauge the pacing of the pictures at any point during the video. Pace through monotonous shots and slow down to exert emphasis on selected photographs. 

Summing up

Slideshow videos are engaging to watch and fun to make. With this easy tutorial, we hope you’re ready to make your first slideshow video as well. Upload, customize, and share your slideshow today!