How to Use to Activate Windows 10 and All Versions in 2022? has been widely used for the activation of windows 10 and all window operating systems. is a free window activator that is used in activating window operating systems without any product key. It includes windows 10, windows 8, windows 7, and Windows 8.1. Window 10 activator Txt is used to activate any window for a lifetime

If you are looking for free download then you have landed at the right place. Nethubspot has brought to you this article is designed to cover all the guidance and tutorial to activate Windows using

Activate Windows 10 using

Looking at the traditional method of activating windows by trying to upgrade while Microsoft asks you to enter a product key or license key but purchasing a windows key is expensive and not all can afford it, especially students. Therefore, webfrenz has got you another way where you can activate windows 10 free of cost and with the easiest possible way you could. If you are worried about the legality of this method then let us assure you that it’s a 100% legal method through windows txt.

First, let us see how to check whether a window is activated or not 

Before hopping into the process on how to activate windows by, let see what are the signs to check whether a window is activated or not

  • in the bottom right of the screen, you’ll find a watermark logo that says “windows not activated”
  • Many premium version’s features won’t work properly due to the lack of upgrade in windows
  • Users won’t be able to use many features and personalize many changes

How to Activate Windows Using a

  1. Go to any browser and visit the official link of
  2. As you’ll open the link you’ll find a series of codes there
  3. Select suitable content from the desktop given on the screen


  1. Choose any suitable browser and paste or type the link there

  1. As you will click on this link, you will be taken to a screen full of codes.
  2. Check on all the content you want and copy them 
  3. Now you have to go to your desktop where you have to paste all the copied codes. (ctrl+V)
  4. Once you paste it on the computer, save that file with any desirable name and change the extensions to.CMD
  5. Now open the file that you have saved from, press on it, and it’ll activate your windows.
  6. Activation procedure is done either immediately or within a short time so it’s better to wait for a while in case it is delayed.

Check if Windows are Activated, Using the Command Prompt

Once you have activated your windows by window activator, you can check if your window is activated or not. Below is one of the popular and effective methods to check whether your window is activated or not

  1. Open the command prompt or PowerShell.
  2. As you opened the command now you have to enter the command “simgr/xpr”
  3. After filling the command press Enter via which a prompt will be displayed on the screen flashing notification of whether your windows are activated or not.
  4. If in case it flashes NO, then try to do it again by following the above steps and if it says Yes, then click on OK and you are done.

Is Activator is Safe and Legal

It is always safe and legal to use windows activator to activate your windows but it is advised the users to use product keys from Microsoft to activate their windows as it ensures proper updates and security from Microsoft only.

However, if any thought arises in your head that whether activator is safe and legal or not, then we ensure you that this method is considered to be one of the safest and legal methods one could use for the activation of their windows and it is free of cost which spares you from unnecessary expense on expensive purchase of product key or license key. 

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