Does SMS Marketing Impact Consumers in 2022?

Bulk messaging has supported many small and large-scale businesses with their ability to reach the masses with simple text. If you have not included SMS in your marketing strategy, you are doing it all wrong. In the day and age of mobile marketing, excluding SMS marketing will be a significant loss.

If you closely observe your marketing strategy, you would probably have the stats of what works to grab customer attention and what does not. Mobile applications and push notifications are a huge part of mobile marketing. But the conversion rate is lower than SMS marketing or alerts.

Bulk SMS Services are widely preferred by more than half of the retail industry in the United States. They must have observed some consumer behaviour that made them want to invest in SMS as a marketing tool. So, as you scroll down to read this article further, you will learn how text messaging is perceived as a service in the current state.

Do people read SMS?

More than 40% of the population worldwide uses mobile phones for sending text messages and making phone calls. Some of the leading countries like the United States, Russia, United Kingdom, Canada, and a few others prefer using text messaging over messenger applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and other applications.

Text messaging has been around for a long time. It has been more than 25 years since the world experienced sending and receiving text messages. Unlike messengers, it is a one-on-one mode of communication that still has its impact on people. Even in countries with complete Internet access, SMS is still a dominant form of communication. There is a difference between two people using SMS to communicate and a business trying to communicate with its customers. If you do a survey to find out how many people read an SMS, you’ll be surprised to know that it has the highest opening rate.

An SMS is opened and seen by more people than a Social media post or an email. What makes SMS more readable is the fact that they are small. An SMS is of 160 characters, so there is no other choice but to be strictly focused on the direct message you want to communicate.

What are some benefits of SMS marketing?

  1. It can reach any location

Sending a bulk SMS to customers allows you to reach them to any national and international location. You can send an SMS to anyone at any time of the day or night. As long as the consumer has their mobile phone, the message will reach them. The consumer does not need an active internet connection to receive the message.

  1. It offers versatility

SMS services don’t primarily focus on promoting sales. A business can send various messages using one source to spread awareness about the product, offer advocacy, notify about new deals and offers, send alerts related to orders, and more.

  1. It can be customized to send personalized messages

Businesses can send personalized messages to customers by tracking their interests and activities. The SMS service systems record details like contact numbers and personal information of the customer and send custom messages to reflect the company’s concern towards its customers. While you still keep discovering the endless benefits of SMS marketing, choosing a trusted online bulk SMS provider is also essential. You can do your research and check the rating of a platform before relying on its services. Most text messaging service providers give a free trial for their clients. You can also look for options and see which provider gives you maximum benefits and features at a reasonable price.