3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Rental Phone

Phones are a vital part of modern life, and dozens of them are released every year. Mobile phones allow people to access the internet, check social networking sites and emails and communicate from anywhere via calls and text messages. With every new phone, new and unique features are released. In addition, the cost also rises, making it challenging to buy a new model every year.

Thanks to the phone rental service companies, you can rent a phone for a week or more. In case you cannot or don’t want to splurge on mobile phones every year, continue reading this article and find out the factors to consider before choosing a rental phone.

  1. Budget: Renting a phone is a fantastic idea as long as you don’t overlook your budget. Although leasing a phone is affordable, you should have a sufficient budget to pay for it every week. A few new smartphone models can have an exorbitant rent. For example, if your budget is 17 dollars and the phone you are searching for is 40 dollars, you must be willing to increase your budget to rent the mobile phone you desire. Some phone rental companies need buyout or additional fees. Hence, it is crucial to consider your expenses and decide carefully.
  1. Phone Specifications: You need to consider the specifications of the mobile phone you require. Different phones or brands have different operating systems, user interfaces, displays, storage space, camera quality, battery life, etc.

When it comes to operating systems, there are two options such as iOs and Android. iOS is exclusive to the Apple brand phones, whereas Android is the operating system of most phones.

The Android operating system is an open platform that is customisable and easily accessible to the Android application market. The new Android phones are simple to use and upgradable. The iOS operating system has an excellent UI and generates less heat. Furthermore, it is appropriate for gaming and businesses.

Every smartphone’s user interface (UI) varies according to the model. For instance, Realme and Oppo smartphones comprise the ColorOS user interface, which is inspired by the interface of iOS.

While considering the phone’s display, you can choose from AMOLED and LCDs. The AMOLED displays help save battery and have better darker and contrast black colours. It has a better battery life and provides you with the best experience.

The LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) emits a lot of light, enabling you to read outdoors. Further, it has a better viewing angle without colour shifting or colour distortion.

The lower-end smartphones come with a storage space of 32 to 64 GB, whereas the storage space of the higher-end phones ranges from 128 to 512 GB. The storage space entirely depends upon the data you will store or download.

You must also consider the quality of the camera. For instance, 12 MP can be better than 16 MP for front-facing and rear cameras. If you play games and stream videos, you can use a phone with approximately 3500mAH battery. Smartphones with a 3000mAH battery are an excellent option for light users.

  1. Testimonials, Reviews, and Ratings: You can check the customers’ testimonials, reviews, and ratings on various social media and online platforms. Many leasing companies comprise a web page with the reviews of the customers. Reading all the testimonials and reviews and checking the ratings will help you choose the right company and the right phone.

Wrapping it up: You can easily rent a phone with the aforementioned factors. You can make your payment online with the direct debit method or choose any other flexible payment options. Indeed, you will enjoy using the phone and attain its benefits immensely