Must have stationery items for every office

While most businesses today are trying to go paperless, it is impossible to take oneself off office stationeries completely. If you have experience working in an office, you must have realised that it is impractical to function without daily interaction with essential stationery items like notepads, markers, diaries, etc. Even today, you have different tools and applications to perform various tasks with a click of a mouse. The reality is they cannot replace those essential office stationery items. 

Here is a comprehensive list of stationery items you may need for the effective functioning of your office. So, before you start to buy stationery online, scroll down and go through the list. This article has grouped the various stationeries in the following categories:

Desktop stationery items

Small, medium and large businesses need some stationery items to make their workforce productive and efficient. Whether you are working from home or the office, you need these items in your everyday life. However, desktop stationery items can differ from business to business as every business’s operations are different, and so are their specific needs.

It includes a notepad, sticky notes, diary, scissors, glue, staplers, punching machine, calculator, pens, markers, highlighters, tape dispenser, etc.

Desktop stationery organiser

While working so hard, nobody would like to blindly run their hand on the table looking for pen markers or highlighters. Right? So with the need for desktop stationery items, there comes a need for a desktop stationery organiser to keep everything organised. These items are also essential to positively affect your work and increase productivity.

The essential desktop stationery organiser that every professional must have to keep their things organised on the desk are- a desk tidy, noteholders, paper clips, pens, cups or pen holders, and a waste bucket

Paper stationery items

Everybody needs paper stationery items for everyday work, from employers to employees and tech teams to administrators.

Keeping paper stationery handy helps you make quick notes, jot down your ideas, create your regular to-do list, and achieve daily targets.

These include notebooks, writing pads, wire-bound notebooks, notepads, personal organisers, etc. 

Consumable stationery item

Next comes consumable stationery items! Whether working from home or the office, these are a few inevitable items in every office stationery list. If you are new to the office administration or have just started your job, it might be difficult for you to determine the correct number of items that will be just for you. Therefore, it is always advisable to buy a few extra stationery pieces to avoid the last-minute hassle; you can use them next month if left unused. You can also make huge savings on bulk purchases. 

Consumable stationery items include photocopy papers, printing papers, toners, and ink cartridges. 

Filing and storage of stationery items

That said, stationery needs differ from office to office and entirely depend on the type of work. Thanks to the evolving technology, most companies have already become paperless when filing and storing documents. Still, businesses are using physical stationery items for filing and storage items for smooth day-to-day operations.

Filing and storage items include files, folders, cardholders, letter holders, documents, envelopes, paper trays, etc.

How to buy stationery online?

Buying office stationery is an exciting yet overwhelming task to do. While it is fun to buy stationery online, it is essential to keep a few things in mind to avoid buying items that are not necessarily needed. So here are a few helpful tips to ease out the process for you; read on!

  • Make sure you plan and buy in bulk
  • Always choose quality over quantity
  • Go for eco-friendly stationery items
  • Take input from your staff
  • Keep some budget aside for refill of stationery