10 amazing Korean textbooks for students to check out

How do you like to learn new things?

Some people thrive in a lecture hall. Others excel at using applications or visual content. Then there are the conventional students who enjoy a solid, in-depth textbook. You’re in luck if you’re one of those textbook students! We’ve compiled a list of the top books and e-books for Korean reading.

If In order to be fluent in the Korean language, you should join the best Korean language classes.

No, they are not dull textbooks. There are books for all types and levels of learners! No – the learner will be forgotten 학생 (hagsaeng). 

Hit the Books: 10 Textbooks to Help Students Learn Korean Through Reading

These ten books span various techniques, learning styles, levels, and themes. You’ll undoubtedly find your ideal match!

1. “Let’s Speak Korean.”

Let’s Speak Korean: Quickly and Easily Learn Over 1,400+ Expressions With Pronunciation & Grammar Guide Marks – Listen, repeat, and absorb! This excellent compact textbook, including audio tracks, may assist beginner learners in mastering over 1,400 Korean idioms.

The reader is ideal for students who like to depend on visual components of materials rather than text blocks. “Let’s Speak Korean” is jam-packed with charts, charming pictures, and color-coded pieces, making learning actual Korean words and other reading aspects a breeze.

We also recommend this book to younger students.

2. “Korean From Zero! 1.”

This item is a hybrid of a textbook and an online course. Korean From Zero! Includes a workbook with an answer key, MP4 audio, online help, hundreds of new terms and phrases, a handbook, a grammatical guide, and multilingual glossaries. 

Because of the amount of knowledge crammed into the textbook/course may help learners of all levels. However, “Korean from Zero! 2” and “Korean from Zero! 3” may also be worthwhile reads for more experienced students.

3. “Korean Made Simple: A Beginner’s Guide to Learning the Korean Language.”

Do you appreciate simplicity? Korean may appear a complicated language, but this book breaks it down into small, easy-to-understand bits of information.

“Korean Made Simple” is appropriate for students of all ages, but beginners will likely profit the most from it. This book contains over 1,000 fundamental Korean vocabulary and phrases divided into 20 simple and enjoyable sessions.

4. “Learn Hangul in One Hour: A Complete Course on How to Teach Yourself the Korean Writing System.”

It may appear complicated, but you can learn in less than an hour. “Learn Hangul in One Hour” takes pride in being a comprehensive guide to teaching oneself the Korean writing system in just one hour.

However, to properly study in such a short time, we believe this book should be complemented with another resource.

Nonetheless, this book is worthwhile. It deconstructs the alphabet’s sounds and the numerous pieces that make it. You’ll need more tools to acquire comprehension, meaning, and grammar, but this low-cost primer is still practical.

5. “Become an Hangeul Master: Learn to Read and Write Korean Characters.”

“Become an Hangeul Master,” another textbook with audio materials, is a hidden gem.

From the cover, it appears to be the type of how-to book best suited for casual Korean learners, K-pop lovers, and absolute beginner Korean learners. This book, however, breaks down radicals and alphabets to their stroke sequence, meaning, and pronunciation.

Visual representations will assist you in remembering the appearance of each character. A fantastic resource for students at the beginning, middle, and advanced levels!

6. “Korean Alphabet with Writing Workbook: Introductory Guide To Hangeul Series.”

Korean Alphabet with Writing Workbook: An Introduction to Hangeul Series, Vol. 1 Vowel and consonant (Volume 1) “Korean Alphabet with Writing Workbook” is a good starting point for learning Korean characters. If you want to study Korean characters relaxed, we recommend this book.

You can only learn one character every day. With the help of pictures and visualizations, you’ll learn to recall the appropriate pronunciation and stroke order for each vowel and consonant. You’ll then move on to words and phrases.

7. “Korean Hangul Practice Notebook.”

Hangul Workbook, Korean Language Learning Workbook, Korean Hangul Manuscript Paper, Korean Writing Practice Book, Cute Veterinary Animals Cover, Korean Hangul Practice Notebook (Volume 93)

This book was designed with writing in mind. If you wish to improve your writing and reading abilities, the “Korean Hangul Practice Notebook” is a good investment. It’s a cheap small book that’s well worth it.

It’s important to understand that this is a notebook with triangle-style graph pages, not a textbook or reading guide. However, because reading and writing go hand in hand in language acquisition, practicing your writing can only assist. A decent Korean writing notebook can help you learn to read and write in Korean successfully.

8. “Fun & Easy! Korean – English Picture Dictionary”

It’s simple and enjoyable! The Korean-English Picture Dictionary is the quickest way to learn over 1,000 words and expressions. Every language student should have access to a dictionary. 

This Korean-English dictionary not only performs the duty but also does it with comedy and a great graphic style. Because it features large font and simple sections, “Fun & Easy! Korean” is ideal for readers of all ages. 

However, because this book lacks romanization, beginning students may struggle to utilize it successfully.

9. “Beginner Hangul Writing Practice Workbook.”

Beginner Hangul Writing Practice Workbook: In This Notebook, You Will Learn To Read The Korean Alphabet and Practice Your Penmanship (Learning Korean)

There is no such thing as having too many Korean writing workbooks!

Writing characters by hand is an excellent approach to developing muscle memory and recalling new words. Every stroke sequence and pronunciation is detailed in the “Beginner Hangul Writing Practice Workbook,” followed by lengthy exercises and tests on what you’ve learned.

This practice workbook is intended for both beginning and intermediate students.

10. “Korean Alphabets in a Picture: Learn Korean Alphabets (Hangul) Super Fast

How do you remember complicated Korean characters as fluent English speakers? Assign a picture to each character! This is the strategy followed by “Korean Alphabets in a Picture.” This highly graphic book will discover various vowels, consonants, compounded vowels, consonant variants, and much more.

Because of how visually appealing this book is, children will benefit much from it. However, this textbook will undoubtedly help to start students of any age.

That’s all there is to it! Some of the greatest novels to read to learn Korean. Which ones will you pick?