What Impact Will Flutter Push Notifications Have On Your Business?

With each passing year, technology and marketing techniques have changed rapidly. So, currently, you can’t rely on outdated methods to find the changes in your business. If you need to do so, you must be aware of the latest trends and techniques, such as flutter push notifications. And it is true this technique will keep you stand apart from the competition, and you will enjoy impressive success.

Perhaps you are aware of Push notifications and how they are heating the sales revenue for business owners. These are small messages or pop-ups sent by installed apps to their subscribers daily. And the majority of Push notifications have seen excellent leads since it provides helpful information to their users (offers, upcoming events, sales) and improves the business performance. 

If push notifications are used correctly, they can be the biggest marketing tool to reach out to your customers. However, to dig into, let us check some facts and trends of push notifications that assist you in analyzing whether flutter push notifications can be a magic wand or just a myth. 

Flutter Push Notifications Facts

Push notifications have achieved remarkable status in mobile marketing. Even though it has seen incredible growth, it hasn’t been overnight. With the following stats for 2021, you can learn about the push notifications trends and facts since 2019.

  • Push notifications increase user app retention up to 3-10 times.
  • Web push notifications have seen a 90% increase in subscribers. 
  • The sign-up rate has increased up to 600%.
  • The click rate of web push notifications has improved by 15% to 18%.
  • Click-through-rate has increased by 13% and reduced cart abandonment.
  • Adding CTAs can boost push notifications by 40%
  • Push notifications can deliver ROI by 3500%
  • Push notifications outweigh the impact of email marketing and deliver the best results with a 50% of open rate. 
  • Push notifications’ open rate can be increased by 20% via adding emojis, rich formats, personalization, and industry-specific times. 
  • Push notifications subscription rate is 0.5% to 15% depending on the industry. 
  • July and December witness the highest subscription rates. 
  • E-commerce shares the largest share of sending notifications, closely followed by blog posts, media, and publishing.
  • Promotional content is the most desirable, whilst geo-localized and new development content binds at 26% each.

So, with the above statistics, it can be easy to say that push notifications are an integral part of mobile marketing and how it has changed the success rate of the business. Now, it is time to look at some of the benefits you can observe in your business. 

How Push Notifications Influence Your Business Growth?

Once you integrate push notifications into your business strategy, you can find the following benefits or impacts on your business.

Increases User Retention

How often have you heard that 1 in every 5 downloads of mobile apps is used once and then discarded? Many times! 

The reason for the low retention rate and abandonment often depends on the quality and performance of the app itself. Users forgot about the app immediately and didn’t open it because there was nothing to excite them.  

This is how push notifications come to the rescue. Push notifications have the power to promote your business, improve customer engagement, and increase user retention and downloads. Depending on the app’s nature, push messages work and increase the app’s open rate. When the right message is sent, timely delivered, and read; there are chances to improve retention rates. 

Boost User Experience

With smart push notifications, you can improve the user experience, which not just matters today but also in the upcoming era. Based on your app nature, push messages are created and shared with the targeted audience to create maximum leads. Be it sales announcements, discounts, promo codes, etc. With such messages, brands help users to know their insights that deliver a positive user experience. 

Maintain Brand Awareness

Push notifications are designed to incorporate the brand’s name and logo. In this context, users quickly feel connected with your brand and its product or services whenever they find push notifications. Well, here the content of the message matters a lot. So, it should be personalized and carry value. For instance, to create a positive brand image, you need to send reminders or promotions that build a solid relationship with your customers. 

Personalization Target

Incorporate the personal information you have collected when they are interacting with your brand at the time of registration. You can send them personal messages like birthday wishes, festival wishes, etc. This is the right way to target your users and become a part of their lives.

Coming on personalization and sending messages that solve their problem can help you have better leads. For example, a user’s birthday is coming, and they might be interested in buying new clothes. Sending them to push the message that gives them a wish and discount can have a higher open rate than others. In a nutshell, with the right target and personalization, you can turn your business to grow leaps and bounds.

Increase Conversions

Push notifications are also the best way to increase conversions. If you know the right target, you can send them to push messages as a reminder, alert, or special deals so your customer can get back on your app and make sales. Sending time-bound notifications works best there. Remember, you need to write a fantastic message that pinches their hearts and forces them to shop from you. Personalization can be good to go. 

Closing Thoughts

It doesn’t matter which business nature you’re working on. With push notifications, there is a 100% chance you can observe the huge impact on your business in no time if you do it right away. However, with current push notifications trends, you can easily estimate the growth of your business in the coming years. However, WonderPush is the best platform to start with flutter push notifications for your business.