When to Buy Spanners

Spanners are an important addition to any toolbox, supporting a range of workplace tasks and responsibilities. A quality spanner can improve your overall standard of work! 

Knowing when to buy spanners and which products are right for you is essential. This information can help you make a good purchasing choice, preparing you for success in your working life and the tasks you undertake. 

Wondering when to buy spanners for your toolbox? Here’s what you need to know!

What are spanners?

Spanners are tools used to provide grip when tightening or loosening fasteners, such as nuts and bolts. Most spanners are made of steel, making them strong, durable, and corrosion resistant. 

There are various different types of spanners available, with each type offering unique benefits and applications. 

The most common types of spanners are C spanners, which feature a C-shaped jaw. Ring spanners, another common spanner type, feature a closed-loop jaw, designed to fit hexagonal or square bolts. 

Why are they important?

Spanners are valuable tools, allowing for precise and effective manipulation of fasteners across a range of fixtures and projects. 

When placed correctly, a spanner can provide you with a strong grip, even in hard-to-reach projects. This means that you can tighten fasteners easily, ensuring sturdy and durable project results. 

Spanners are used broadly across many industries and applications. Often, they are helpful for repairing leaking pipes and other plumbing tasks. They can also be used for construction, automotive, and mechanical purposes. 

When to buy spanners

There’s never a wrong time to buy a set of quality spanners! If you’re setting up a toolbox, purchasing spanners can ensure that you always have the tools you need close by. 

If you often work on tasks that require you to navigate small spaces and manipulate various fasteners, you need a select of spanners. 

The right time to buy spanners for your toolbox is before you need them! This means that it’s a good idea to predict your project needs ahead of time. By doing this, you can prepare yourself with important tools, ensuring you have them ready when needed.

How to choose the right spanners

There are so many spanners on the market, so which ones are right for you? 

Your spanner needs will vary depending on how you plan to use your spanner set and the kinds of tasks you most often work on. 

Open-end or C-shaped spanners are usually double-ended and can be bulky. This means that they are best suited to tasks where you have more room to move and are working with larger fasteners. 

Ring spanners have smaller designs and are built to accommodate small fasteners. These are a great option if you often have to navigate obstructions when working. 

If you work on fasteners in recessed positions, you may need a socket or box spanner to provide you with adequate leverage, while smaller, simpler projects may call for hexagonal Allen keys instead.

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