WordPress Push Notifications: How to Make Them Truly Valuable to Users?


Over the past several years, web push notifications, sometimes referred to as WordPress push notifications have been very popular with online businesses and marketers. These are best to capture huge traffic to your site, drastically increase CTR, boost customer retention, etc. Today, in this article, we are going to dive into web push notifications, their benefits, and some tips that help you get the most out of them.

So, here we go!

What Are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are short messages that business owners send to their users (who have subscribed to their app). Push notifications go to their device whenever the user surfs the app. Although, the user can receive the notification even if they are not logged in to their app or visiting your app for a while. 

When you plan your push notifications correctly, they will, in turn, provide you with numerous benefits you can’t ignore. However, if you don’t know how to process it correctly, you can’t get the best notifications even though they won’t have a solid impact on users. 

4 Major Benefits of WordPress Push Notifications

Marketing professionals advise using push notifications to boost engagement and sales for various reasons. One explanation is that making a web push notification is quicker than making a marketing email. Additionally, you can send the message without the user’s email address.

Web push alerts encourage conversion actions, such as first-time purchases from you. A web notice is difficult for the end user to miss.

Work in Real-time 

One of the best benefits of using push notifications is-it works based in real-time. Suppose you want to connect with users immediately and tell them about current sales or offers, send them push alerts at the right time, and see the results.

Opt-in Rate

Another benefit of using push notifications is that they have an opt-in rate. This is why it is most effective strategy than a traditional pop-up. The difficulty with pop-ups is that you must first create the emails for your newsletters and promotions when a user enters their email address.

Push notifications will have a greater opt-in rate than email opt-ins because the end user doesn’t have to enter their information. Online users may be quite reluctant to divulge personal information about themselves. Users who choose not to get push alerts are also few.

Boost Conversion Rate

Yet another benefit of WordPress push notification is it boosts conversion rate. You can ask your user to subscribe to specific products update, or you can ask them to send you regular updates. For instance, if you find a product that seems expensive, you can ask for future notifications regarding the same product for a low price or offers. This way, users can receive information when the product is in stock with promotional offers.

Makes Your Brand Different From The Crowd

The important aspect of your brand is how unique your business is. That is how your users will recognise you and become part of your business. WooCommerce push notifications allow the user to look into your products or solutions inside, and this is the way how you can engage more users in your business. Additionally, these help users know about emerging trends and some exciting offers they can’t miss. 

5 Tips To Make Web Push Notifications Truly Valuable For Users

Make Sure The Visibility

Comparatively speaking, mobile devices have less space than tablet PCs, PC browsers, or PC programs. Because of this, one of the most critical factors in grabbing consumers’ attention is the prominence of notifications. Use a notification design that makes it easy to read the notification’s message.

Send Relevant Push Alerts

When users agree to receive notifications, they want them to include helpful information. The notification authorization shouldn’t be interpreted as permission to bombard the user with tones of junk mail. Sending people the messages that are most pertinent to them will add value to their experience. You can personalize pertinent messages to various user groups by creating user segments. The main focus of your push notification strategy must be sending relevant messages.

Give Value To Users

Users don’t want useless applications to take up space in their notification stream. Users give a portion of their attention span when granting notification access. Respect the user’s time and make sure your notifications are useful. Even if they haven’t cancelled their consent to receive notifications, users will begin to ignore them if they don’t perceive any value from the messages.

Incorporate Brand Elements In Notifications

Our brand is a group of intangibles that help customers associate your goods with you. Effective branding can boost income and consumer loyalty. All consumer-facing firms must have a strong brand, and alerts can aid in this effort. Brand components into the notification design. This could be a logo, colour, or other brand identification components. Customers’ perceptions of your brand are strengthened as a result.

Upsell With Notifications

Upselling is the process of persuading customers to buy something additional to what they had purchased (or are planning to make). To Upsell customers on more expensive items or persuade them to make future purchases, you can analyze user data to determine which client categories are the most profitable.

The Bottom Line

So, these are some essential tips you can incorporate into your push notifications strategy to boost your business growth. However, while doing this, ensure your push notifications strategy is clear, so you can relish the real-time benefits in no time. WonderPush push notifications are nowadays the best platform to get started with. So, level up your game and take your business to new heights.